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Star Defender III Credits

16 people

Awem Studio

Project LeaderOleg Rogovenko
Game DesignOleg Rogovenko, Vadim Komkov
ProgrammingAlexey Ulin
Lead ArtistMax Grummo
ArtVasiliy Korolev, Natasha Rakutina
Level DesignOlga Krutalevich, Vadim Komkov, Anton Stankevich, Alexander Danejko (Aliaksandor Daneika)
3D ModelingPavel Kuleshov
MusicThe SandS
Sound EffectsOnixmusic
Text EditorDylan Moulton
Porting to iPadIvan Liubetski (Ivan Liubetsky), Anton Stankevich, Alexander Popov
Particle EffectsPyro Particle Editor

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (140446)