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Techno Dash Credits (iPad)

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Techno Dash Credits


Game DesignJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
UI DesignJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
Systems DesignJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
Sound DesignJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan


Concept ArtJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
3D ArtNathan Hallahan
AnimationNathan Hallahan
Icon ArtMira


Gameplay ProgrammingJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
Systems ProgrammingJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
UI ProgrammingJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan
Audio ProgrammingNathan Hallahan
Quality AssuranceJustin Cox, Nathan Hallahan


MusicNathan Hallahan
SoundNathan Hallahan
Voice OverCourtney Hallahan

Special Thanks

Special ThanksCourtney Hallahan, Sonia Alamina, Alex Stark, Jessica Tipton, Joe Brennan, Brenda Romero, John Romero, Andy Schatz, Ob Holeman, Mira

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