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Vandal Online (Jul 27, 2011)
En definitiva, un gran título que retará a todo aquel quien se atreva a jugarlo durante más de cinco minutos, y una apuesta sobre seguro si tenemos en cuenta que cada día actualizan con un nuevo nivel y personaje. Y lo mejor de todo es que, si contamos con algunos amigos que estén enganchados como nosotros, podremos crear nuestras propias ligas para demostrar quién es el mejor corredor entre nuestros colegas.
App Spy (Jun 10, 2011)
1000 Heroz has the potential to be something really amazing, but the slow release of levels means you'll either need to put it aside for a time or knuckle down to obsessing over one race per day.
Touch Arcade (Jun 09, 2011)
If you're a total completionist and you're feeling like you've already missed out, don't fret. You can go back and play previous days' levels with their heroes, and you can earn their relics. You can't compete on the leaderboards, though - the competition closes when the new day's levels unlock. If you want to make a name for yourself in 1000 Heroz, you'll have to be willing to put in your daily time.
Slide to Play (Jun 17, 2011)
For a quick, cheap gaming fix on the go, 1000 Heroz has enough going for it to be worth a look. Although the controls aren’t nearly as precise as we’d like, the sheer variety (and potential variety) of tracks and the generally good level design makes up for other shortcomings. The creative focus on leaderboards adds an entertaining sense of competition to the simple gameplay. We can’t imagine too many players still racing by the time the 1000th level is released, but for now this is a decent way to spend a buck.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jun 15, 2011)
Utterly addictive in nature, 1000 Heroz's series of daily races is undoubtedly hard to put down, though working out the right path from the wrong one is even more difficult than in a bible parable.
Multiplayer.it (Jun 24, 2011)
Offrire un livello al giorno per mille giorni è più un'idea affascinante che un buon investimento per i giocatori, in questo caso. Data la semplicità degli scenari e della struttura di gioco, che propone essenzialmente i medesimi elementi posti in ordine sparso, si può pensare che 1000 Heroz avrebbe potuto contenere tutti i suoi livelli già dall'inizio e non avrebbe fatto gridare al miracolo in termini di contenuti (in fondo, non ci si discosta molto da quello che offrono diversi browser game gratuiti). Tuttavia, il fatto di tornare giorno dopo giorno sul gioco e trovare un nuovo livello inedito è un fatto che, pur riconoscendo limiti e furbizia della trovata, risulta affascinante. Ancora di più se si aggiunge al nuovo livello anche la relativa nuova sfida online a cui partecipare in diretta e destinata a concludersi in sole 24 ore, donando una "vitalità" veramente particolare al gioco RedLynx.
Edge (Jun 28, 2011)
The finely tuned platforming lays solid foundations for a leaderboard racer, and the custom leaderboards are well implemented, but this just doesn't feel like something you'll be playing in a month, never mind three years. You can’t fault its ambition, and it may yet transform itself into an essential title, but presently, 1000 Heroz falls short of its lifespan.
Le principal intérêt de 1000 Heroes - outre le renouvellement ininterrompu des contenus - réside dans la féroce compétition que se livre les joueurs. Car dans le titre de RedLynx, l'objectif n'est pas de terminer chaque niveau proposé (trop simple !) mais plutôt de le terminer le plus rapidement possible et d'abattre ainsi les meilleurs scores mondiaux. C'est tout ! Bien que le titre rencontre un immense succès, il faut bien dire que c'est un peu léger pour les gamers que nous sommes. A vrai dire, cette nouvelle production de RedLynx surprend un peu, alors que le studio nous avait habitué à des jeux béton tels que Pathway to Glory ou bien encore Warhammer 40 000 : Squad Command (lire notre test). Là on change complètement de registre, et c'est peu dire...
411mania.com (Jun 22, 2011)
For its price, you really can’t go wrong with this game. Sure, it may be simple, but you can keep going to try and get the new relics and to see information about new heroes each day. Plus, they’ll eventually be new eras to go to and quite a bit more to see. As long as you’re in it for the long run, 1000 Heroz will give you plenty to do.