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Co-Optimus (Sep 11, 2013)
2013: Infected Wars has the lofty goal of becoming an honest multiplayer zombie shooting game for mobile devices. It succeeds in most of these areas while making a few stumbles along the way, the largest of which is the upgrade balance tragically shifted to encourage in-app purchases. It's not the only iOS game to feature a currency shop, though, and it isn't the worst offender, either. All in all, 2013: Infected Wars does a respectable job delivering co-op zombie survival action to your iPhone/iPad.
Arcade Sushi (Sep 09, 2013)
So how, then, do you keep a game about marines and zombies feeling fresh when the two have become so worn out? If you're Action Mobile Games, it's difficult. You make a game that, while not terrible, is kind of pricey for an iOS title ($7) and so very average. The only saving grace is the co-op multiplayer campaign mode. You might be interested in trying it out... if it's really important to you. Just don't expect bells and whistles to go off.
Slide to Play (Sep 18, 2013)
2013: Infected Wars isn’t a bad game, and there’s a lot to like about it. However, it doesn’t do enough to stand out from the crowd, and constantly wanting the player to spend money only to take away the perks when they lose, isn’t going to do the game any favors.
Tech in Asia Indonesia (Sep 11, 2013)
Game 2013 : Infected Wars memang sulit untuk dimainkan, sebenarnya hal tersebut tidak menjadi masalah apabila user interface, kontrol karakter, dan sistem permainannya benar-benar dipoles secara baik. Terlalu menitik beratkan pada tingkat kesulitan yang tinggi malah membuat game ini tidak playable dan tidak fun untuk dimainkan. Hal yang menolong game ini hanyalah presentationnya dan menu Co-op multiplayer, selain itu saya bisa bilang bahwa kamu tidak akan rugi jika tidak memainkan game yang satu ini.
Apple 'n' Apps (Sep 11, 2013)
The entire game revolves around blasting through zombies, and while the action is inherently repetitive, it seems even more so in 2013: Infected Wars. Each mission is set-up as a series of arenas where you simply shoot a few waves of zombies to advance to the next section with some new waves. There is virtually no variation in just tapping the fire button over and over again. The game just lacks any type of engagement, so that it’s just mindless tapping which you have seen numerous times before. This version in particular sets up each mutant wave so similarly that it feels like a chore to keep going through the game. There’s no enticement to make it through the campaign whether you’re playing solo or with a buddy. Also, the co-op is hamstrung by a lack of voice chat, or any communication with your counterpart, which is especially disappointing since voice chat is a feature of Game Center.
Touch Arcade (Sep 24, 2013)
2013: Infected Wars is a meal cooked ten years ago, frozen and reheated five times over, and served on a plate made out of a laserdisc copy of Uwe Boll's Along in the Dark. You can keep your "console quality graphics and sound." Just give me some inspiration.