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Slide to Play (Jun 20, 2012)
Although the television show is an all ages affair with humor adults can appreciate, the game is very much geared towards a younger audience. Legends of Ooo is not a long game compared to what you're sued to if you are a point-and-click connoisseur. Our first playthrough lasted only 30 minutes, but considering the price, we can't complain too much. If you’re an Adventure Time fanatic or have a child the right age, you'll want to check out Legends of Ooo. Everyone else can skip on ahead.
148apps (Jun 20, 2012)
Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo is short, and adults should have little problem with beating the game and getting the Game Center achievements. But for fans of the show, it’s a rewarding experience, and for the price of a taco, worth checking out.
Gamers' Temple, The (Jul 17, 2012)
There's never really more than a couple of items in your inventory and it's always obvious when and where they need to be used, so there's no challenge to speak of to the game. Now I can see there being a point to a Cartoon Network game being easy enough for kids to play, but, seriously, my young nieces can figure out angles of attack while slingshotting birds at pigs and so aren't all that challenged by tapping on letters on the ground and dragging them onto a mailman. How about running a couple of tasks concurrently, having players combine inventory items, or tossing in a few mini games? Adult Swim has some pretty enjoyable iOS games available, so I know Cartoon Network can do better. As it stands, even kids will be able to finish this game in under half an hour, so it's best left to diehard fans of the show who can't get enough Finn and Jake in their lives.
Destructoid (Jun 20, 2012)
Adventure Time fans would do better to wait for WayForward's upcoming DS game, because that stands a chance of actually being good. This is little more than a shameless little attempt to make a quick buck at the expense of a fun little show. I know it's a show primarily for kids, but even kids can reasonably expect better than this.
GameZebo (Jun 12, 2012)
My advice to you? Don’t fall into the scheme. The visuals and audio are nice, but the game is insultingly short and only mildly interactive. Save your dollar for the dozens of other fantastic iOS titles out there, and play through the ten-minute adventure for free online.