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Alice in Bomberland Credits (iPhone)

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Alice in Bomberland Credits

Developer Credits

WritingLewis Carroll, Chris DeLeon
Game DesignChris DeLeon
ProgrammingChris DeLeon
Concept, Creative LeadershipChris DeLeon
Character IllustrationMark Meyers
Character AnimationDavid Hellman
Background IllustrationAllen Song
Sprite ArtJohn Nesky
Sound DesignJoe Pfeil
MusicKevin MacLeod
Alice VoiceoverJessie Hiller
Logo DesignAaron Meyers
End of Game IllustrationJohn Tenniel
EditingSarah York
PlaytestingEuwyn Poon, Sarah York

Published by Sonic Boom Inc. - Production Team

ProducerJames J. Seetal
MarketingJeffrey Peters
Web ServicesSusan Mou, Jeff Zinn
Content Development TeamJohn Notarfrancesco, Everett Woo, Brendan Broman
QA Project LeadRichard Depping
QA TestersSteven Wong, Phil Limitone, Javier Picon, Oscar Smith
Submission SpecialistJohnny McNair
ITTom McGillick

Published by Sonic Boom Inc. - Management

VP of Product DevelopmentLeonard C. Quam
VP of Technology / Web ServicesChristopher Koncur
Director of Client EngineeringJared Shaporo
Director of ContentPaul Nair
Director of Quality AssuranceStephen Melanson

Published by Sonic Boom Inc. - Publishing

SVP of PublishingLou Fasulo
VP of Sales and MarketingJason Gall
Sales / Marketing AssociateMaria Giatrakis

Published by Sonic Boom Inc. - Corporate Management

CEODavid J.P. Danon
COOJosh Grant
EVP General ManagerBruno Morin
EVP General CounselWilliam F. DesLauriers


In Memory ofFukio Mitsuji

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