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Alt-Frequencies Credits

Accidental Queens

WritingJedidjah Julia Noomen
Sound DesignChristopher Knight
Game DesignEmmanuel Corno
User ExperienceHelios Moreau
CodeDiane Landais
Visual DesignMiryam Houali
Production ManagementSimon Bachelier

With help from

Additional WritingPia-Victoria Jacqmart
Additional Sound DesignSwann Menage
Additional CodeHeadbang Club, David Elahee (Blackmagic), Paul Joannon

ARTE France

Digital Development DirectorGilles Freissinier
Web Production ManagerMarianne Levy-Leblond
Web Program ManagersJulian Windisch, Marie Berthoumieu, Martin Morales
Video Game Project ManagersAdrien Larouzée, Virginie Béjot
Assistant Video Game Project ManagerRaphaëlle Sleurs
AdministratorJérôme Vernet

Music: Original Soundtrack

"Ecdysis" Yponeko, ft., Juliet, ©&[p] G4F Records
"Hopeful For Today"Cédric Menendez, ©&[p] G4F Records
"Telling Stories"Alexandre Inglebert (Ennis B.), ©&[p] G4F Records
"Disorder"Your Wife; Last Night, ©&[p] G4F Records
"Stay"Araignée du Soir, ©&[p] G4F Records
"Let Me Go"Hector Bonte (Ennis B.), ©&[p] G4F Records

Music: Music Beds

"Blues"as.justis , [CC BY 3.0] ‑

G4F Records

CEOVincent Percevault
CFOAlexandra Percevault
COOCyril Jegou
Business AffairsMarie-Pierre Meyrignac
Content ManagerRémi Laouti
Community ManagerStessie Egarnes

Voice Acting (English)

English Voice DirectionJedidjah Julia Noomen, Douglas Rand
WinstonBarry Johnson
Fred PetersonKester Lovelace
Tommy BeganyPaul Spera
MichelleEmma Scherer
BobTom Morton
RakeemLuke Robbins
KayaJasika Nicole
JenniGeneviève Doang
Ennis B.David Coburn
A. NoneMike Rugnetta
LillianTulika Srivastava
MartiaHelen Tange
Charlie ThomasElissa Dukes
Amal McMillanSharon Mann
EvaSharon Mann
Mr. FischerDominic Gould
DonGeoffrey Bateman
Detective TurayMargeaux Lampley
Officer MartinBen Verhoeven
A‑B‑1Zelda Rittner
MargotBibi Jacob
HannaKaycie Chase
Frequent callerKaycie Chase
LilyHester Wilcox

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Douglas Rand, 39 other games
Sharon Mann, 37 other games
Geneviève Doang, 18 other games
David Coburn, 16 other games
Alexandra Percevault, 14 other games
Hester Wilcox, 13 other games
Dominic Gould, 13 other games
Geoffrey Bateman, 12 other games
Jedidjah Julia Noomen, 12 other games
Cyril Jegou, 12 other games
Kaycie Chase, 10 other games
Emmanuel Corno, 7 other games
Tom Morton, 7 other games
Rémi Laouti, 6 other games
David Elahee, 6 other games
Simon Bachelier, 6 other games
Marie-Pierre Meyrignac, 6 other games
Gilles Freissinier, 4 other games
Marianne Levy-Leblond, 4 other games
Jérôme Vernet, 4 other games
Swann Menage, 4 other games
Bibi Jacob, 4 other games
Miryam Houali, 3 other games
Barry Johnson, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (237113)