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Touch Arcade (Mar 22, 2012)
Angry Birds is the unlikely candidate with meager beginnings that somehow managed to redefine both mobile gaming and the levels of financial success that are possible in the mobile space. The brand is known worldwide, and the series is enjoyed by everyone from hardcore gamers, to celebrities and athletes, to my own father who couldn't possibly be more of a non-gamer. Angry Birds is the Super Mario Brothers of mobile devices, and Angry Birds Space is so successful in redefining the Angry Birds formula that everyone should give it a try.
AppSafari (Mar 22, 2012)
The first few levels could feel too simple, especially for die hard Angry Birds fans. But before you know it you’ll be launching birds through multiple planets. Some of the pigs are camped out in space as opposed to inside the planetary ozone. This means you’ll actually have to shoot birds to leave your planet’s orbit to kill those pigs, which adds a new level of complexity. The five planets are Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Danger Zone, Eggsteroids, and another soon to be released. There’s a new bird as well called the Ice Bird. Throughout the game you’ll earl Space Eagles which let you launch furious attacks on space pigs. You can also buy these Space Eagles as in-app bundles. The Danger Zone level is another $0.99 in-app purchase.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 23, 2012)
I enjoy Angry Birds, and understand why so many have grown to love it, but personally I never felt compelled to play more than a few levels. With Angry Birds Space, I was disappointed when I made it to the end. I wanted more. It offers an experimental take on the original game’s concepts, and surpasses them in most respects. It’s a better game than Angry Birds, and I can’t wait to play more of it with the inevitable update that Rovio is probably already planning.
90 (Mar 23, 2012)
However, if we were to let this put us off playing, we would be doing ourselves a disservice. Whilst some will decry Rovio as the masters of milking their market, the simple truth is that the original game became successful because of the game itself, and all the merchandise just followed suit. There has always been a reason that Angry Birds is THE mobile game, and that is because it does what it does extremely well indeed. My own personal iPhone has a folder for "Essentials" on the first page, and it is in to this very folder that I have put Angry Birds Space.
Meristation (Mar 23, 2012)
Angry Birds regresa por todo lo alto con esta verdadera secuela titulada Space. A muchos jugadores les puede parecer más de lo mismo; no os dejéis engañar. Esta nueva entrega da un giro de 180 grados a las ya clásicas mecánicas de Angry Birds, que ya en las últimas actualizaciones pecaban de excesiva reiteración. Ante nosotros se abre todo un mundo –nunca mejor dicho– de nuevas físicas y de curiosas situaciones de lo más divertidas. El nivel de desafío ha aumentado considerablemente en esta nueva entrega, conservando toda su personalidad e incluyendo jugosas novedades –como nuevos pájaros y habilidades– que irremediablemente potencian más que nunca esta más que interesante –aunque no muy original– ambientación galáctica. No lo dudéis ni un instante; el espacio exterior nos espera y nuestros archienemigos, los cerditos verdes, recibirán su merecido.
3D Juegos (Mar 23, 2012)
Manteniendo las cotas de adicción de los originales, Angry Birds da el salto al espacio con mucha originalidad y frescura. Con un precio muy reducido y unos 60 niveles de duración, tenemos entre manos un entretenimiento simpático, sencillo y muy fluido que se cuenta entre los grandes rompecabezas de móviles y tabletas.
85 (Mar 23, 2012)
Een beetje doorzetter hoeft die Space Eagle helemaal niet te gebruiken. Angry Birds Space wisselt moeilijke met makkelijkere levels goed af en zorgt ervoor dat een opdracht nooit als een onmogelijke opgave voelt. Dit onderstreept dat Angry Birds Space een af product is, een echte sequel van Angry Birds. En eerlijk gezegd hadden we dat eigenlijk niet meer verwacht.
IGN (Mar 23, 2012)
Angry Birds Space's more aggressive pricing and somewhat random physics results are disappointing, but neither issue detracts from the game's overall quality or fun factor. Space takes the basic Angry Birds experience and adds a twist just big enough to once again reinvigorate the franchise.
82 (Mar 26, 2012)
Angry Birds ist Angry Birds ist Angry Birds? Diese Frage lässt sich eindeutig mit einem klaren Jein beantworten! Das grundsätzliche Spielprinzip bleibt auch beim dritten Aufguss des Phänomens unverändert. Und auch wenn es mittlerweile etwas Interesse-Federn lassen musste, bleibt es unverändert simpel wie fesselnd. Das Weltraum-Element mit seinem deutlich stärkeren Fokus auf Gravitation und indirekte Treffer tut dem Spielspaß sehr gut, verleiht es den stinkigen Vögeln doch einen bemerkenswerten Schub Frische und Kreativität. Mehr als je zuvor muss man jetzt um drei Ecken denken, allerdings spielen dadurch auch Zufall und Glück eine stärkere Rolle als einst. Nichtsdestotrotz: Wer der Meinung war, endlich vom Angry-Birds-Fieber geheilt zu sein, dürfte mit dem Weltraum-Ausflug seiner Schnabelhelden einen wunderbaren Rückfall erleiden.
GameZebo (Mar 22, 2012)
As far as sequels go, Angry Birds Space straddles that fine line between familiarity and progress exceptionally well – but there’s no question that it leans more in the direction of the former than the latter. If you’re already a fan of the series (and who isn’t?), picking up Rovio’s latest release is a no brainer. Consider this the most fun you’ll have with pigs in space since… well… Pigs in Space.
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 22, 2012)
One small catapult for a bird, one adequately sized leap for Rovio's world-beating series, Angry Birds Space is as much fun as its predecessor, and adds enough new concepts to keep even the hardiest fans entertained
148apps (Mar 22, 2012)
Angry Birds Space is a great new release from the Angry Birds stable. It adds plenty of great new features to entice players in, both old and new alike. Fans in particular will be delighted, even if they will wonder where all their free time has vanished to.
GameSpot (Mar 22, 2012)
Angry Birds Space is an incredibly addictive game. Even when you get frustrated that you can't find a solution, you keep coming back for more, and its bite-size levels make it ideal for playing on the go. Developer Rovio has pulled off the difficult task of making a game that feels new and exciting, yet familiar enough to easily pick up and play, and the charming cartoon visuals and sounds are used to great effect. Above all, Angry Birds Space is a lot of fun for a very small outlay (or for free if you're playing on Android). There's no reason to feel guilty about playing Angry Birds; it's a great game, and a phenomenon that's one step closer to succeeding in its quest for world domination.
TouchGen (Mar 23, 2012)
You have no doubt seen something happen here as you read this review. That’s right. I’ve been converted! Don’t expect me to start wearing Angry Birds T-Shirts all of a sudden, or going back and playing the original. But who knew that sticking an already strange pairing of birds and pigs, and launching them into an off-worldly environment, would turn me around. But, unfortunately for me, it has.
The Guardian (Mar 23, 2012)
In the meantime, beneath all the Angry Birds As Phenomenon noise lurks a genuinely excellent game, whose success has been built on quality, not just hype.
80 (Mar 22, 2012)
Angry Birds Space rappresenta una gradita variazione sul tema rispetto al gameplay classico della serie, con la forza di gravità dei vari "pianeti" a rendere l'azione più interessante e sfaccettata, viste le differenti strategie che è possibile mettere in campo per raggiungere anche il maialino più nascosto. Il feeling del gioco rimane immutato, così come il suo irresistibile fascino arcade, anche se il nuovo contesto costringe in più di un'occasione a effettuare i lanci solo dopo aver allontanato al massimo la visuale, rendendo più difficile godere della grafica, simpatica e colorata come da tradizione. La dotazione iniziale, seppure in linea con gli episodi precedenti, non è ricchissima e stona un po' la presenza "nativa" di un pacchetto a pagamento. Speriamo dunque nel celere rilascio di livelli aggiuntivi, e che Rovio non abbia intenzione di "monetizzare" sugli stessi.
App Spy (Mar 26, 2012)
Still, there's no denying that the addictive appeal of Angry Birds has remained intact for their Space-themed adventure thanks to needing an equal mix of of skill, careful consideration and just a dash of luck.
80 (Mar 27, 2012)
I find it a shame, though understandable, that many people see iOS development as a race to the bottom. Angry Birds Space, however, effortlessly shows why Rovio is currently on top.
Spazio Games (Mar 24, 2012)
Angry Birds Space è un titolo che riesce ancora a divertire nonostante non si discoti molto da quelli che sono i canoni della serie che ha già molte uscite sulle sue spalle. Se siete dei fan dei pennuti creati da Rovio questo prodotto saprà soddisfare il vostro palato, in caso contrario, una prova preventiva è necessaria per capire se l'aggiunta di effetti gravitazionali è sufficiente a giustificare l'acquisto del prodotto.
Edge (Mar 28, 2012)
Rovio’s money-making abilities remain undiminished, in other words, but Angry Birds Space contains so many entertaining ideas that it’s increasingly hard to write off as a Crush The Castle derivative that got lucky.
Vandal Online (Mar 25, 2012)
Es lo mismo de siempre (destruir estructuras con pájaros y aniquilar todos los cerdos que habiten en su interior) pero mejorado. La fórmula jugable es prácticamente idéntica, sin apenas cambios más allá de la introducción de las fuerzas gravitacionales de los planetas (que no es poco, ojo) o la recién estrenada ambientación, pero lo cierto es que sigue funcionando. Puede que Rovio esté exprimiendo al máximo su gallina de los huevos de oro, y que sus decisiones de pagar por unos pocos niveles extra no sea del todo correcta (Angry Birds Space trae consigo 60 niveles nuevos, que se podrán pasar con no demasiado esfuerzo, dicho sea de paso), pero sigue siendo igual de divertido. Si alguna vez te engancharon estos simpáticos aunque aguerridos pájaros, no lo pienses demasiado: Angry Birds Space es la entrega que esperabas. Angry Birds Space cuesta 0,79€ en su versión iPhone, y 2,39€ en su adaptación al iPad.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Mar 23, 2012)
Ignorerer du dette, vil du dog finde 60 baner, som revitaliserer Angry Birds på en måde, jeg ikke troede var muligt. Dette er stadig kongen af fysik-puzzlers, og mangler du mere med fuglene, kan du roligt indkøbe denne udgave, velvidende at Rovio leverer varen atter engang.
80 (Apr 04, 2012)
Cette version d'Angry Birds Space est une fois encore totalement addictive. Pour un prix aussi dérisoire, il vous permet de vous plonger littéralement dans un univers et un gameplay totalement renouvelés, qui vous changeront grandement des opus précédents. Et, même si sa durée de vie peut laisser à désirer sur cette version précise proposée, il proposera au final (avec les futures mises à jour) suffisamment de challenges pour vous tenir éveillé durant de très longues heures.
80 (Mar 28, 2012)
Angry Birds Space se présente comme un véritable vent de fraîcheur sur la désormais mythique série de Rovio. Ainsi, l'ajout d'une gestion poussée de la gravité et les nouveaux oiseaux donnent lieu à des énigmes inédites et particulièrement sympathiques. Malheureusement, l'expérience sera entachée par un modèle économique contraignant ainsi qu'une durée de vie faiblarde. Nous n'allons toutefois pas bouder notre plaisir et vous recommandons chaudement de vous essayer à ce qui est ni plus ni moins que le meilleur Angry Birds.
70 (Mar 23, 2012)
It’s not as significant a departure from the original games as it first appears but the gravity gimmicks help ensure a series best for the world’s most successful video game.
50 (Mar 23, 2012)
Non ne possiamo più di Angry Birds. Questo Space è l'ultima trovata per tentare di spillare altri settantanove centesimi ai milioni di acquirenti della versione base, rilasciando un costoso level pack con qualche variazione artistica e concettuale. Ma il problema di fondo è che ad essere sopravvalutata è la formula di base. Angry Birds non è divertente, non è stimolante, non è fantasioso. E' invece meccanico, ripetitivo, troppo limitato dall'influenza del caso. Space non fa eccezione, e per quanto il prezzo sia contenuto, il consiglio spassionato è quello di cominciare a risparmiare per un videogame vero e proprio. Non si sa mai, potreste riscoprire il piacere di giocare.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 27, 2012)
Twee keer 30 levels is echter wat minder dan we in vorige games kregen voorgeschoteld, en het feit dat je meteen meer moet betalen voor extra levels en eagles om een moeilijk level over te slaan geeft een beetje een wrange nasmaak. Maar los daarvan: deze game is leuk, verslavend en een absolute aanrader.