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Touch Arcade (Sep 27, 2012)
Bad Piggies is awesome, and needs to be a part of your iOS game collection just as much as the rest of the Angry Birds series. Rovio nails the same accessibility of the Angry Birds games while taking the franchise in a direction that feels both totally fresh and entirely appropriate. It sucks that Rovio still isn't releasing universal versions of their games, and it's disappointing that the iPhone variety doesn't take advantage of the iPhone 5's wider display, but neither of these things make Bad Piggies any less fun. Definitely pick this one up.
148apps (Oct 03, 2012)
Bad Piggies is pretty darned flawless, when I think about it. One thing I admire about Rovio is that they aren’t afraid to stuff their games full of things to do. With over 60 levels, hidden items to collect and the promise of more free levels on the way, Bad Piggies is a thoroughly enjoyable game that will have players scratching their heads and having a blast for a good while.
Darkstation (Mar 27, 2013)
Bad Piggies is a welcome change of pace from the Angry Birds onslaught. The creative slant makes for a far more interesting game than the original “crash into various structures” formula. With over 400 levels divided in three chapters, over 60 sandbox levels and rewards for collecting hidden skulls, Bad Piggies is packed with a serious amount of content making it the perfect game to spend as little as five minutes or upwards of two hours with. While many iOS games I’ve played don’t offer much content, Bad Piggies has exceptional staying power. With open ended gameplay and plenty of room for creativity, Bad Piggies is a delightful addition to Rovio’s small, yet powerfully popular, catalog. Whether it will achieve the same level of success as Angry Birds is another question.
IGN (Oct 01, 2012)
Bad Piggies is the best title Rovio has released yet, eclipsing Angry Birds Space. The open-ended puzzles work your brain while also allowing you to be creative. Thanks to Rovio’s infectiously amusing, cheerful style you’ll be smiling ear-to-ear watching your creations come to life regardless of whether you succeed or fail.
Bad Piggies non vanta certamente l'immediatezza di Angry Birds, ma sopperisce a tale mancanza con uno spessore che raramente abbiamo riscontrato in un mobile game. Il fatto di avere a disposizione una serie di componenti per coprire di volta in volta un percorso diverso, e di poter effettuare tale operazione in completa libertà, sperimentando laddove ne abbiamo voglia, dona al prodotto Rovio un fascino e una complessità quasi unici. Il potenziale di questo tipo di gameplay è enorme e speriamo che con gli aggiornamenti venga sviscerato in tutte le sue molteplici sfaccettature, ma già l'offerta iniziale è piuttosto ricca e vi terrà occupati per un bel po' di tempo. Otterrà lo stesso successo di Angry Birds? Probabilmente no, e ciò dona ulteriore valore al lavoro del team finlandese.
Vandal Online (Oct 03, 2012)
Bad Piggies parte de la misma base que Angry Birds -un juego accesible, rejugable, aunque con cierto grado de dificultad- pero le aporta un concepto jugable completamente distinto, original y divertido. No solo estamos hablando de probar el punto de vista de los cerdos -que es bastante atractivo- si no que el objetivo de crear artilugios que corran o vuelen, es de lo más interesante. Pasaremos horas pegados a nuestro iPhone diseñando nuevas máquinas de las más diversas maneras, e intentando conseguir tantas estrellas y secretos como podamos por nivel. Esperemos que con las actualizaciones -gratuitas, según Rovio- se mejore todavía más la experiencia global de un título, ya de por sí excelente. Muy recomendada.
Bad Piggies may seem like a hardcore game from a casual gaming company, but the formula Rovio has implemented is very similar to Angry Birds. The only difference is the scale: A bigger challenge reaps greater rewards. That difficulty spreads too far with no option to skip levels, but a smart save system keeps it great for mobile users. The depth of puzzles and creative building aspect will keep players hungrily coming back for more.
85 (Oct 11, 2012)
A la fois jeu de réflexion et jeu d'adresse, Bad Piggies propose un parfait mélange entre les deux précédents titres de Rovio. On pense en effet à Amazing Alex lorsqu'il faut concevoir les engins les plus fous, puis à Angry Birds lorsqu'il faut déclencher tel ou tel mécanisme au moment opportun dans le niveau. Le mix fonctionne très naturellement puisque le charme opère dès le premier niveau !
Pocket Gamer UK (Sep 26, 2012)
Bad Piggies is creative, addictive, and absolutely packed with content. It might be Rovio's best game yet, but we can't help noticing it all feels a little too safe and predictable
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 27, 2012)
Jag gillar Bad Piggies. Det finns en finurlighet i de galna fordonen, Rovio-charmen är ständigt närvarande och det är ett perfekt mobilspel med tanke på de korta, men många banorna. Att åtminstone delvis bryta sig fri från Angry Birds-världen var ett nödvändigt steg för Rovio, och detta bygge rullar ända in i mål med bara några få blessyrer.
TouchGen (Sep 29, 2012)
I encourage everyone to try Bad Piggies; it is a game for all audiences, and one that is as challenging or easy as the player would like it to be.
Digital Spy (Oct 02, 2012)
The levels on their own don't often pose much of a challenge, but striving for a three-star ranking on every level adds significant replay value and a real sense of accomplishment. It's a more methodical game than Angry Birds, requiring thoughtful planning and pinpoint timing, but in many ways that also makes it a more enjoyable game than its predecessor.
Level 7 (Oct 04, 2012)
Medan de arga fåglarna bara förstör visar sig de elaka grisarna från Angry Birds vara betydligt mer konstruktiva. Deras spel går ut på att bygga enkla farkoster och sedan se till att de med hjälp av konstruktionerna kan ta sig i mål. Det kan behöva byggas en rejäl bil med motorer och flera hjulpar eller att bygga en enkel låda som tas till skyn med hjälp av ballonger och en fläkt. Svårighetsgraden är stundtals väldigt ojämn och svåra och lätta banor blandas hej vilt, men när Bad Piggies kräver lite lagom tankemöda är det faktiskt i klass med de arga fåglarnas titel och är betydligt mer kreativt.
Edge (Oct 03, 2012)
Sadly, the early learning curve is far too shallow, while creative freedom is often illusory, with a single solution to many stages. Rovio does eventually loosen the reins, but the combination of rickety vehicles and unforgiving level design only heightens the frustration. A clutch of entertaining sandbox challenges is too little, too late: like a bottle rocket-powered unicycle, Bad Piggies begins with a fizzing burst of promise before losing momentum and finally collapsing.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 31, 2012)
In deze physics/puzzelgame maak je dankzij een geniale constructie-interface in geen tijd een te gek voer- of vliegtuig waarmee je een eindpunt in een level moet proberen te halen. Bouw een houten of stalen chassis, stop er een motor in, zet er wielen onder en je bent vertrokken. Een diepe put? Enkele paraplu's openen breekt je val. Een hoog gelegen doel? Bevestig een paar heliumballonnen aan je tuig! Het is ronduit zalig om met je beperkte middelen je doel te halen en het is nog zaliger om op afschuwelijke wijze te falen en de gelaatsuitdrukking van je Piggies van vrolijk naar ware doodsverachting te zien omslaan wanneer je aan een rotvaart te pletter dreigt te storten. Het aantal levels mocht wat uitgebreider en sommige levels lijken nogal goed op elkaar, maar voor de rest niets dan lof voor Bad Piggies die we als de beste game van Angry Birds-ontwikkelaar Rovio zouden willen bestempelen.