Bejeweled 2: Deluxe Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Main Menu
If diamonds are a girls best friend, what's a bejeweled?
A nice little explosive effect.
Wait, come back!
Fight! ... I mean, Match!
Why thank you.
Tap 'Hint' for a tip on where to go next.
Game over man, game over.
Not too bad, I guess.
Get that green bar near the right to move on. Too close to the left, and it's all over.
A electrical surge helping to clear the play field.
Don't like the music? Turn it down if you really wish.
Infinite possibilities here.
One minute to get your best score in Blitz.
A nice string of points, confetti and all.
String a few together quick enough for an added bonus.
Any special gems still on the board will be added to your total score, including what happens after they burst.
Some of the boost options. You'll have to pay for each use, though, but they can all increase your total score dramatically.
Last hurrah!
You can share your medals via Facebook ... and show off at the same time, of course.