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Bird Strike Credits

31 people


Original ConceptNathan Rattray
Assistant ProducerShannon Feldwick
Executive ProducerAndy Satterthwaite
Game DesignersChris Cervantes, James Everett
Level DesignersGong Daizong, Daniel Smart
Senior ProgrammerRobert Harrison
ProgrammerCraig Timpany
Lead ArtistNathan Rattray
ArtistsJamie Churchman, Tom Robinson
AnimatorSimon Dasan
Lead Technical ArtistKeir Rice
Technical ArtistJuliann Lum
User Experience ExpertGareth Griffiths
Marketing Video SupportDavid Alve
Lead TesterSimon Westenra
Portfolio ManagerJos Ruffell
Sound DesignJeramiah Ross (Module)
Managing DirectorMario Wynands
Technical DirectorTyrone McAuley
Creative DirectorStuart Middleton
Art DirectorPeter Freer
CFOLance Burgess
Business Development ExecutiveJos Ruffell
Marketing & Communications ManagementSean Kauppinen
Legal CounselDavid S. Rosenbaum
HR ManagerBrett Ross
Strategic AdvisorBob Wallace
QA ManagerStephen Woodward
IT SupportElliot Gardner
Systems AdministratorNic Scott

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61583)