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Bit.Trip Beat Credits

47 people (40 developers, 7 thanks)

Namco Networks America Inc.

Sr ProducerJames A. Vitales
ProducerCindy Tan
DesignerChristopher Pavia
EngineersDave Fishel, Luke Phillips, Dai Matsumoto, Patrick Costello
QA LeadRonnie Nichols
QA Assistant LeadRoel Limosnero
QAJames Barron, Daniel Aragon, Erin Kidrick, Adrian Padilla, Cesar Baltodano, Stephanie Refuerzo, Charles Andrews, Michael Chen, Royce Moreno, Gary Yamashita, Charles Calland
Product MarketingDavid Hoffman
Product Marketing CoordinatorBen Pascua
Visual Media/Production ArtistHelen Hosain
ArtistsChristopher Pavia, Michael Molinari (Bean), Jon-Jay Montemayor
General ManagerJonathan Kromrey
Special ThanksKenji Hisatsune, Carlson Choi, Kelly Loughlin, Reory Howard, Colin Stuart Moore, Alex Adjadj, Telina Pavia

Gaijin Games

DesignerAlex Neuse
EngineerChris Osborn
ArtistMike Roush
Music DesignPetrified Productions
Sound DesignPetrified Productions
Menu MusicBit Shifter , Move To Intercept ©2008
Credits Music, The Information Chase ©2006

Tag Games

Executive ProducerPaul Farley
ProducerRobert Henning
Game DesignCorinne Cadalin
ProgrammingScott Downie
ArtJim McLeish, Martin McGregor

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23897)