Blue Attack! Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title Screen
Main Menu
We have successfully destroyed the outer hull of this boss; the vulnerable core lies before us.
Big enemies cause big explosions.
The core of this ship lies open, it will not last much longer.
Clearly labeled: This is only a decoy!
Explosions are fun.
The controls on the right allow us to request more wingmen from the carrier or to send them back if it gets too dangerous. We can also change formation.
The buttons on the left represent special items and abilities that we bought in the shop.
This syringe-like ship is aimed directly at our carrier.
Launching from our carrier.
Buy upgrades or replace lost fighters in the shop.
Our carrier has been destroyed - Game Over!
Victory! There goes the red planet!
Another wave survived.
Larger enemies must be taken apart step by step.
Our carrier is under attack!
In campaign mode you select the next level on a map. More difficult level are only available if you beat the time limit of the previous level.
These red hunters are fast and can turn quickly.
A massive red ship. Attacking the front may not be the best idea.
A full squadron with 8 wingmen.
Another target gone.