Cartoon Wars: Gunner Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Main Menu
The intro tells the little bit of story there is.
The wizards are very dangerous.
Finished a level but wasn't very good.
Winter has come to town - my rocket launcher doesn't care.
The rifle is good for killing many things at once.
And God said: let it rain bombs from the sky!
Upgrading my character.
Fighting bad guys with my upgraded bow.
I had enough mana to cast my inferno-spell.
Shoot them right in the face.
Scenary changes are included.
The second most powerful weapon in the game let's you cast lighting across the whole screen.
Bear-like robots are very tough enemies.
There by dragons.
Finally got access to the all-powerful mech-suit.
The stick-figures send in the demons to fight me off.
One of the updates introduces the Ninja-form to unleash new forms of hurt.
Big robot guys swinging metal balls of pain and backstabbing demons - great.