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Centipede Credits (iPhone)

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Centipede Credits

Griptonite Games

ProducerBrian A. Kirkness
Lead ProgrammerStephen Cuong Nguyen
ArtistsMark J. Ferrari, Robb Vest
ProgrammersLouis Valentine, John Meeds, Champagne Mac
QA LeadKyle Lingol
TestersEdwin Maynard, Nick Roth, Sean Braxton, Teresa Thiessen
Studio HeadJ. C. Connors
Studio Art DirectorMichael Wilcox
Studio Design DirectorRyan Silva
Studio Technical DirectorJason W. Bay
Studio Audio ManagerEvan Buehler
Studio Development ManagerCheryl Perrins
Studio CoordinatorShanna Armenta
Finance ManagerMiguel Vazquez
VP of StudiosSteven Ettinger
Special ThanksChristian Kimball, David Mann, Jack Brummet, Jarrod Faehnrich, Kelli Kenyon, Michael Dean, Susan DeMerit, Kelli Kenyon, Michael Dean, Susan DeMerit, Wesley Patten, Michael Robinson, James North-Hearn, Chauncey Gammage, Paul Bunda, Allison Etchemendy


PresidentPhil Harrison
VP Business Development & PublishingRobert Stevenson
VP Product DevelopmentHudson Piehl
Executive ProducerRobert W. Lindsley
Senior ProducerGarrett Moehring
VP Interactive PropertiesKathy Butters
Chief Financial OfficerMichael Rouette
Finance DirectorLisa Bonk
Director of Production Support & QASamuel Gatté
Manager of Publishing SupportEzequiel Nunez
Senior Manager ‑ CertificationsCecilia Munoz
lime, llc Lawyers for Interactive Media & EntertainmentSteven Bercu
Public Relations ManagerAlissa Bell
Special ThanksCurt Vendel, Martin Scott Goldberg

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Credits for this game were contributed by rstevenson (855)