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Sega of America Website:

    Sega's first online title, ChuChu Rocket!, is once again a pioneer as Sega's first multi-platform game. ChuChu Rocket! for Game Boy Advance has tons of new puzzles and gameplay features, and you can still play against three of your friends. In this addictive Sonic Team puzzler, you've got to keep those big hungry cats away from the ChuChus (mice). Follow the arrows and direct the frantic little creatures into your rocket and you'll rack up big points. If you manage to keep the ferocious felines at bay, your rocket will take to the skies as the winner! But all will be lost if one of cats infiltrates your great space ship.

    • Frantic action for up to 4 people using one cartridge and the Game Boy Advance Link Cable.
    • Create your own characters and puzzles, and then trade them.
    • Over 2500 unique puzzle boards will keep you occupied indefinitely.
    • Team Battle, Stage Challenge, 4P Battle, and Puzzle Modes.
    • New gameplay features like Night Time, Blindfold the Leader, 4P Battle Roulette, and more.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12784) on Mar 14, 2006.

Back of Jewel Case-DreamCast (US):

    It’s cat n’ mouse chaos in space!

    Lead your mice to their get-away rockets before your rivals can sneak the scary space cats on board!


  • Online multi-player gaming brought to you by the Sonic Team
  • 5 Fun Gameplay Modes: puzzle, stage challenge, four-player battle, team battle and network battle
  • Make your own puzzles!
  • Lobby instantly matches you with up to 3 people online


    Contributed by gamewarrior (5091) on Jan 16, 2005.
    As you might expect in the first GBA game from Sega's Sonic Team, ChuChu Rocket! blends high-speed action with truly baffling puzzles. The result is an addictive head-scratcher for as many as four players.

    A gang of KapuKapu space cats has overrun a space port. Your job is to guide the ChuChu mice to escape rockets before the KapuKapus can have them for dinner. You'll also have to make sure the ChuChus don't fall-fall through holes in the space port floor and the KapuKapus don't beat them to a rocket.

    Both ChuChus and the slower KapuKapus follow straight lines they come across an Arrow Panel that's been cleverly placed by you, at which point they head off in the direction indicated by the arrow.

    Single-player ChuChu Rocket! teems with hundreds of puzzle situations. After trying your hand at the dozens of preset puzzles, you can create puzzles that you can then send to a friend's Game Pak via the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. A rudimentary drawing tool even allows you to create your own creatures to replace ChuChus and KapuKapus.

    The multiplayer modes require only one Game Pak, although each player will need a GBA. GBA Game Link Cables will be needed to link all the systems to together. You can play a multiplayer free-for-all or opt for two-player teams.

    Based on the Dreamcast hit, Chu Chu Rocket! is a first-rate hand-held puzzler for the GBA.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 25, 2004.

    Blast-off with Dreamcast's first-ever networked title: ChuChu Rocket. It's the age-old game of cat and mouse -- with a cyber-twist. Sega makes gaming history by hooking up your Dreamcast to the world. Now you can take on a group of online strangers in an all-out battle over the Internet! It takes only a few minutes to learn ChuChu Rocket. All you have to do is herd your ChuChus (space mice) into their rocket before the KapuKapu (scary space cats) catch up to them. The game may seem simple, but don't be fooled. Your brain will shift into warp speed amid the fast and furious chasing, mind-bending puzzles, multiplayer teamwork, and your opponents' sneaky tricks. Catch the mystery mice and a timed event throws everyone's strategy out of whack. Whether you play solo, or play the nation, you'll get infected by ChuChu fever.

    Online multiplayer gaming. Lobby instantly matches you up with players around the country. Five addictive gameplay modes: puzzle, stage challenge, four-player battle, team battle, and network battle. More than 75 massive levels. Puzzle editor allows you to make your own puzzles. Catchy music adds to the momentum.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 12, 2001.