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Clue Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Title Screen
You can read character biographies for each suspect.
Select a case!
Braunmann gives you your assignment.
After talking to Green...
...tap on the Fireplace to search for a clue.
Scarlet helps you rule out all the blunt weapons.
With Scarlet as the only woman in this case, we've got it in the bag!
Move to another room using the Crime Map.
This case is tougher - more suspects and a larger mansion.
What is Scarlet up to in the Kitchen?
White is very modern.
Perhaps not the safest place for it.
This mansion is much bigger!
Flashbacks reveal rivalry between characters...and more clues.
Confront those involved in the argument and you'll uncover more information.
When you think you've got the case solved, call Braunmann and let him know!
Looks like I'm on the right track!
As you gather clues, you can clear suspects.
Complete the case in time, and you'll earn a fourth star.