Defend Your Castle Credits (iPhone)

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Defend Your Castle Credits

XGen Studios

Executive ProducerSkye Boyes
Project LeadJordan Dubuc
ProgrammingJordan Dubuc, Steven Hand
Visual ArtsTaylor Schaerer, Robyn Dubuc
QA LeadDan Greig
AudioReal Cardinal, Eric Cheng
MarketingRobyn Dubuc
Voice FoleySkye Boyes, Real Cardinal, Taylor Schaerer, Leif Oleson-Cormack
Additional TestingMike Bowers, Owen Bowers, Robyn Dubuc
Special ThanksDan Adelman, Jim Greer, Defend Your Castle fans, XGen Forum Moderators, Laine Cherkewick, Jessie Hand
Original ConceptSkye Boyes

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