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Fighting Fantasy: Citadel of Chaos Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Fighting Fantasy video introduction
Start menu
Interface instructions, using sample artwork from the previous game.
Yes, but what does it all mean?
A new metric for this particular game, not revisited again for quite some time.
Character generation
I have to roll the die (shake the accelerometer), but the game is helpful enough to add up the figures for me.
Pick your spells! Some of them are more useful than others.
Story introduction
Our first encounter, in lifelike colour!
And here as originally illustrated decades ago!
It is associated with a paragraph of related text.
The paragraphs end in options presented to the player with exclusive icons next to them.
Let us review my awesome character.
I was so excited I revealed the interface along the top and bottom borders.
The game dynamically adjusting stats on the fly, as the story demands.
One use for Luck -- re-rolling bad combat outcomes.
I roll to hit...
The monster also rolls! I know, how often in games is blue associated with the opponent and not the player?
I won that round!
I ... remain impressed by the confetti effects. Very period-appropriate, are they not?
A bit of eerie flavour for kicks.
Even my perfect SKILL score could not save me from this boneheaded choice.
Alas, it is the end for me. (But it looks like the beginning... of the Dark Crystal.)