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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

GTA: Vice City has hit a decade old 2002-2012 and now on iPhone
Main Menu
Loading screen
Storyline cutscene where you begin
Custom music during your gameplay from your iPhone
My first safe house where I can save my game
High jacking a car aka Grand Theft Auto
Unique stunt in a 1980 Camaro
Driving in the sun in a stolen Taxi
Pull up maps are helpful getting around Vice City
Driving a 1984 Honda CRX
Meeting lance in a cutscene
Sniper rifle gang members
Talking to Rossenburg my partner
Stole a nice Lamborghini Murcielago
Flying threw crystal clear waters in a 1980 Speed Boat
Gangs wreck Havoc in Vice City
Driving a stolen army tank for a mission
Nice classic Harley Davidson to steal
Fighting Gangs hand-to-hand Combat
Car damage is nice graphics
Ready to fight at the Country Club
Visiting the Malibu Club
Helicopters help admire Vice City
In my safe House
Police stay busy at night
Police arrest
Side missions like a pizza boy help with cash for weapons
Car explodes
Falling in the water you die because you can't swim
Police Rampage!!!
80's records and cassettes