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D’une manière générale, Infinity Blade 2 ne déçoit pas. C’est exactement la suite que l’on attendait, avec les améliorations espérées. Les combats sont plus violents et jouissifs que jamais, le « bestiaire » encore plus réussi que dans le précédent opus, avec notamment quelques « inspirations » du côté de Gears of War sur Xbox 360... Logique, lorsque l’on sait que Chair Entetrainement appartient à Epic que les deux sociétés peuvent partager quelques talents !
TechRaptor (Sep 19, 2013)
The original game was good, but Infinity Blade II was even better. With all new playstyles, tons of equipment, and a much larger game location to explore, the game is much larger and enjoyable than the first (which was still great, don’t get me wrong!). Add in the all new features such as clashmob and gem forge on top of a much more expanded story with full voice acting, and the game is an all around great game. With the New Game+ mode after you complete the game on top of the expansive amount of content you get for the low pricepoint, this game is worth every penny you spend on it.
Overall, Infinity Blade II is a worthy successor to the already well-received original game. The game play, while similar in feel, is expanded enough to provide players of the original – as well as newcomers – a satisfyingly rich experience. It’s a fine day indeed when we carry around in our pocket or messenger bag such a compelling and graphically amazing video game, one that only a few short years ago would have been only seen on highly powered gaming consoles. Yes, Infinity Blade II is more of the same, but the first game was fantastic; this one is even that much more so. While owners of “older” Apple devices are out of luck, I highly recommend this game to owners of an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S; this is the benchmark, state-of-the-industry level game that everyone should have a chance to play.
4Players.de (Dec 07, 2011)
Der Mangel an Abwechslung war mein Hauptkritikpunkt beim Original - und Entwickler Chair Entertainment hat aus seinen Fehlern gelernt. Zwar bleibt auch Teil Zwei in seinem Kern ein sehr simples Spiel, aber durch die neuen Waffengattungen, die vielen Aufrüst-Möglichkeiten und die deutlich vergrößerte Spielwelt ist meine Motivation, mich längerfristig in dieser gefährlichen Gegend aufzuhalten, spürbar größer. Die nochmals verbesserte Kulisse dürfte ebenfalls ihren Teil dazu beitragen, denn ein technisch beeindruckenderes Spiel gibt es gegenwärtig auf keiner mobilen Plattform - auch wenn es hohe Hardwareanforderungen hat. Allerdings leidet auch der Neue unter ganz alten Problemen: Die Ausführung der Zauber ist nicht immer präzise, es setzt schnell Wiederholung ein, ein Durchlauf dauert nicht allzu lang. Und dennoch ist Infinity Blade 2 mehr als nur eine launige Technikdemo wie Rage HD - es ist ein wirklich fesselndes Spielerlebnis!
Games TM (Jan 19, 2012)
Addictive, fully-featured and far more sure of itself than ever before, Infinity Blade II is as slick an offering as iOS currently offers, and is now head and shoulders above most other games on the format.
GameZebo (Dec 05, 2011)
For everything Infinity Blade II has added to the formula, Chair seems to have been just as quick to take something away. It’s a sizable adventure to be sure, and there’s no doubt it’s an absolute must play – but at the same time, it feels like they’re holding back content simply so they’ll have something to offer as an update down the road. And when that “something” could be content that was in your last game… well… that just feels like cheating.
Splitkick (Mar 05, 2012)
A game designed for replayability based on an original title that I loved to replay. Yet, I hesitate to do it again. When does gameplay transition from rewarding to repetition? For me, it is when I have to pay for DLC to “fix” a fight. Or maybe I’ll come back a few months down the road and redo the whole thing.

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