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Spark Plug Games product page:

    Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower

    After sneaking into the Clockwork Tower to explore, Eliza has accidentally disrupted the flow of time. Now, with the clock broken, her village and its people are frozen in time and space. Can she return to the Clockwork Tower and unlock its secrets and free her village from being stuck forever?

    The Clockwork Tower will take Eliza on a fantastic journey through time and space as she explores the great town clock in an attempt to free her village from being frozen in time. She will encounter characters and items that are trapped in the very fabric of time and environments that blur the lines between night and day. While she overcomes the damage done to space and time, she will have to collect important items hidden along the way to complete her task, free her friends and unlock the secrets of the clock itself.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Jan 29, 2011.