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USgamer (Apr 01, 2016)
Miitomo is an impressive start for Nintendo's mobile projects. It's an easy-to-use social network that's highly unique and delivers big laughs and lots of fun. It's also fair about in-app purchases, and contains no advertising. That said, we'll have to wait and see whether or not the world has long-term use for a highly structured, perceptually cheerful social network.
PCMag.com (Mar 31, 2016)
Fun with friends or all by yourself, Miitomo is a mobile communication app with a generous helping of that familiar Nintendo charm.
Common Sense Media (Mar 31, 2016)
To become an app that teens will use multiple times daily, Miitomo likely needs more options for communication, more games to earn coins, and more places and things for the miis (how about pets?). The app-generated, conversation-starter questions are interesting, but they're also a way to unintentionally amass lots of personal information online, so remind kids to choose Miitomo friends wisely and not to overshare. Overall, this app is a great place to be a mii, with potential to be even better.
Apple 'n' Apps (Apr 01, 2016)
Miitomo is an interesting take on social media that is well worth picking up for a personality filled app experience.
Nintendojo (Apr 20, 2016)
It’s been a great deal of fun for me connecting with friends and family using the game, but it’s here that some players might hit a wall, as with no one to play with, Miitomo will feel very empty and unsatisfying. It’s a social experience more than a true game, but like Tomodachi Life, Miitomo is aware that it’s a niche game and wears its quirkiness proudly on its sleeve. There’s plenty of incentive to check in daily to earn Platinum Points for those looking to snag rewards from My Nintendo, but I highly recommend people give this one a download simply to try something different. There are plenty of endless runners and match-three puzzlers on the iOS and Android marketplaces; Miitomo is unique, which I’d expect no less from Nintendo.
GamersNET (Apr 06, 2016)
Het is knap dat Nintendo met zijn eerste app direct een hype weet te creëren. Hoewel ik die hype niet helemaal terecht vind, is de app wel vermakelijk. Vooral het vergelijken van antwoorden van jou en je vrienden is tof. Natuurlijk is ook het unlocken van verschillende kleding zeer verslavend en is het geven van harde en vieze antwoorden altijd lachen. Toch vraag ik me wel af hoe lang het leuk blijft, zeker omdat de laadtijden van de app vreselijk irritant zijn. Een social media-app moet gewoon snel tussendoor geladen kunnen worden, zonder verlies van tijd. Dat is nog niet het geval. Toch zal Nintendo zich waarschijnlijk verbazen over de hoeveelheid geld die ze gaan verdienen met de app. Want veel meer mensen geven geld uit aan dit soort apps dan we willen toegeven.
Pocket Gamer UK (Apr 06, 2016)
For those who love social experiences, Miitomo may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Those who don’t though may be left bored very quickly
The Jimquisition (Apr 10, 2016)
In several ways, Miitomo is the perfect kind of app for Nintendo to bring to mobile devices – it’s unexpected, silly, and it doesn’t make any sense. It’s also quite a bit of fun for however long such entertainment lasts, and it’s had a lot of thought put into it – it could easily have been cobbled together quickly for a quick cash-in, but it’s a highly polished time waster.

Still, in the time since starting the first draft of this review a few days ago and typing in this final line, I’ve had no real desire to use it again.
Messy, cheerful and utterly throwaway, Miitomo is fun while it lasts.
HonestGamers (May 05, 2016)
In spite of the things I wish the app did better, I actually do like Miitomo a fair bit. A number of my friends joined in near launch, and for several days I had fun answering questions and seeing how ridiculous I could be within the friendly virtual world (you should see the sexy snapshots of my character in a dress, with a flower growing out of his scalp). Gradually, though, I lost interest. Signing in each day started to feel like a chore, especially since my friends also seemed to be growing bored and the answers they provided became less inventive or otherwise noteworthy. Well, except for the "potato bread" folks. What is up with them?!
Trusted Reviews (Mar 29, 2016)
Miitomo has definitely achieved its aim of being a peculiarly Nintendo-style take on social networking – it’s very cute, quirky and should put a smile on your face if you dip into it for 15 minutes a day or thereabouts. But it’s hardly earth-shattering, and really will only appeal to the most committed of Nintendophiles. But at least it’s a free download, so if you fancy adding a bit more Nintendoness to your life, it won’t cost you anything.
Nintendo Life (Mar 30, 2016)
or the time being, it's a fun diversion which is arguably more personable than traditional social networks, and the fact that it's free means there really is no reason not to give it a try. Whether or not it's worth an additional investment of your valuable time - already spread thin over other social apps, if you're anything like us - is largely down to personal taste and how many friends you're likely to have who also use it.