Mike V: Do or Die Credits (iPhone)

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Mike V: Do or Die Credits


Executive ProducerPatrick Toulouse
Lead ProgrammerJeff Murray
Lead AnimatorChris Fram
Lead 3D ArtistPatrick Toulouse
Lead UI & Graphic DesignSylvain Toulouse
3D ArtistsPascal Aupry, Ghislain Groulx, Chris Fram, Sylvain Demers
Sound DesignChis Hipgrave, Jaap Visser, Nino Rajacle, Jensen Grant
Game DesignPatrick Toulouse, Jeff Murray
Additional ProgrammingPeter Chan, Jonathan Hartstein
Technical ArtistMichael Paixao
Video Editor Will Cyr
Quality AssuranceEthan Murray
Legal / WriterSamantha Som
Music LicensingFerret Music
Music ArtistRevolution Mother
AffiliatesPowell, Element, Affliction, Von Zipper, FUEL TV, Active Ride Shop
With the collaboration ofMike Vallely
Special ThanksTori Murray, Samantha Som, Rebecca Groulx, Lola Causyn, Lorraine Sleiman, Marie-Eve Filteau, Pierre-Luc Quimper, Kyle Mac Dougall, Brian Robbins, Aaron Basil, Jeremie Toulouse, Equilibre Skatepark, Unity3D Community

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