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GameZebo (Mar 03, 2015)
Ironically, then, Planet Quest is perhaps most profound in its total lack of profundity. The gusto with which it sets out to send no message, but rather play the part of a perfect, tactile distraction, might be a message in of itself. A zany, infectious argument for the power and purity of play. Or maybe it’s just a phenomenal rhythm game. What do I know? I just write book reports about toys.
148apps (Feb 23, 2015)
Easily the best thing about Planet Quest is its sense of style. The game is extremely colorful and quirky, which makes going through levels consistently pleasant. Also, the game doesn't have players pick levels, and instead constantly flows between tracks - all of which are a fun blend of styles that sound really good, regardless of whether players are playing with headphones on or not. In terms of drawbacks, the constant, random flow between tracks can be less than desirable at times. Especially if players have particular preferences or want to practice a specific song. Also, Planet Quest sometimes alternates what part of the song players are supposed to be keeping time with, which can be hard to pick up on sometimes. These are both really, really minor complaints that by no means preclude Planet Quest from praise. It's fun, competent, and sounds awesome. It it well worth picking up, particularly for rhythm game fans.
Touch Arcade (Feb 23, 2015)
If you’ve got even a little love for rhythm games and a device capable of playing it, you owe it to yourself to at least try Planet Quest. It doesn’t cost anything to try it out, and I bet you’ll throw that dollar down pretty quickly after seeing how quirky and fun this game is. The presentation is fantastic and the gameplay just works on a pure level. I think that’s just about the best thing any rhythm game can aspire to, and makes for what is easily one of the best games in the genre on mobiles.
Trusted Reviews (Mar 14, 2015)
As engaging as it is endearing, games of Planet Quest may only last a few seconds – its take on the rhythm action genre feeling especially harsh, at times – but this is a game designed to put a smile on your face, coaxing you into playing during any spare moment and rewarding you with a stack of happiness as a result.
Macworld (Mar 20, 2015)
True, the tap-anywhere design and uncomplicated mechanics mean you don’t have to deal with overly complicated gameplay: It’s all about finding the rhythm and reacting to it. But Planet Quest feels perfectly designed for phone play especially, as it doesn’t bother with menus, extensive options, or song selection before you’re off and running. Simply press the play button and it’ll immediately toss you into a song. And if you complete that one, it’ll automatically continue on through song after song. That makes Planet Quest an ideal game for killing a few minutes, since you’ll be into a game within a moment.