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Plants vs. Zombies Credits

iPhone/iPod Touch Team

ProducersHeather Hazen, Ben Ahroni
ProgrammingDan Banay
ArtRick Schmitz, Misael Armendariz, Noah Maas, Rich Werner
QA LeadChad Zoellner
Additional QAMichael Racioppi
Business DevelopmentAndrew Stein
MarketingRex Sikora
Video EditingGlenn Mitsui, Dan Neidecker
VP of StudioEd Allard
QA ManagerShawn Conard
Special ThanksGeorge Fan, Tod Semple, Linda Kim

Original PC/Mac Team

Game DesignGeorge Fan
ProgrammingTod Semple
Mac ProgrammingScott Rankin
ArtRich Werner
MusicLaura Shigihara
SoundLaura Shigihara
Background ArtEnrique Corts Llopis
UI ArtMatt Holmberg
WritingStephen Notley
Studio DirectorSukhbir Sidhu
QA LeadMichael Racioppi
Mac QA LeadAdam MacDonnell
QA TestingShawn Conard, Ed Miller, Adam MacDonnell
Popcap FrameworkBrian Fiete, Chris Hargrove, David Parton
Special ThanksJason Kapalka, John Vechey, Dave Haas, Dave Roberts, Edward J. Brown, David P. Wycliff, Lindsey Kurz, Jeff Gates, Mysticsage, David Rohrl, Popcap Beta Testers

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23914)