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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Digitally Downloaded (Jul 13, 2016)
Besides, as simple as it is, I jump a little in excitement every time I spot a Pokemon that I haven’t got yet, especially given that currently all the Pokemon are drawn from the first generation (Red and Blue) and that’s giving me a nostalgic rush like you wouldn’t believe. Will this game have staying power? No idea, but the developer, Niantic, had (and continues to have) staying power with Ingress before it, and that has nowhere near the pulling power of cute Pokemon monsters, so my bets are on this one lasting quite some time yet.
Nintendo Enthusiast (Jul 15, 2016)
Overall, Pokemon Go is likely one of the most fun games I have played this year. Yes, the game has a lot of problems and still seems like a beta launch. However, in terms of its uniting social power, few games will be able to match the jubilant fun of Pokemon Go.
Nivelul2 (Dec 30, 2018)
Întotdeauna ți se oferă un motiv suplimentar să pleci la vânătoare de pokemoni, mereu vei avea curiozitatea de a vedea ce fel de creaturi se află în zona unde te aflii și periodic se mai adaugă un element nou care schimbă dinamica jocului și te împinge să încerci și să explorezi. Finalmente, Pokemon Go are un public țintă format din oameni care probabil au un câine și le face plăcere să-l scoată la plimbare de 2 ori pe zi. Doar cineva dinamic și motivat poate să joace mai departe de nivelul 10 și să găsească plăcere în a exersa ceva atât de mecanic și repetitiv. Din punct de vedere conceptual, Pokemon Go este inferior jocurilor moderne de pe mobil. Însă spre deosebire de Clash Royale sau Super Mario Run, activitatea de a progresa încurajează efortul fizic. Nu poți ajunge prea departe stând pe canapea și butonând inventarul cu obiecte sau pokemoni, așa că ai face bine să te ridici și să înfrunți frigul de afară într-o nouă aventură care te-ar putea purta prin locuri noi și neobișnuite!
Pocket-lint.com (Dec 09, 2016)
Pokemon Go has been 2016. While the furore may have subsided, it's still a game that's captured the imagination of many, it's boosted the Pokemon crazy once again, enthralling a new generation of players, both young and old.
NU.nl (Jul 12, 2016)
Vooral de sociale aspecten van Pokémon Go houden het spel fascinerend. Je hebt nog eens een gesprek met een willekeurige medespeler, en soms raak je verwikkeld in een verhitte strijd om een bepaald punt. Het is leuk dat je dan niet tegen een anonieme tegenstander speelt, maar dat je jouw 'vijand' in levenden lijve voor je ziet staan.
Brutal Gamer (Jul 11, 2016)
Overall, the game is fun to pass the time and doesn't necessarily require loads of attention. You can jump in and out whenever you like and it gets people out of the house. Though, the app is buggy with freezes, servers go down frequently due to massive trainer traffic and it drains your battery since push notifications don't exist. Great game, but if you don't mind waiting, give it a couple weeks when trading with fellow players will be introduced.
WCCFtech (Jul 20, 2016)
Pokémon Go is unlike anything else I've ever played, and for that reason alone I implore you to play it. I'm not sure it will keep the current momentum, but for now it feels really good.
Mirror.co.uk (Jul 13, 2016)
As a role-playing game, Pokémon GO doesn't have the greatest depth but it's strength is easily going to be the community-driven side of the game.
CNET (Jul 11, 2016)
Pokemon Go is a fun, action-packed game that keeps you active.
Yahoo! Games (Jul 12, 2016)
Despite its initial problems, “Pokémon Go” is an absurdly addictive and approachable game. Chances are you can go out on your lunch break and see people playing at this very moment. After staying out of the smartphone game market for years, Nintendo has finally jumped in headfirst and scored an absolute hit. If you haven’t downloaded the game, just do it already. And if you’re already playing, keep your gym safe, because I’m coming for you.
XGN (Jul 18, 2016)
Pokemon GO is ontzettend tof, de mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos en zeker als de kinderziektes uit Pokemon GO verholpen zijn, kan deze game beschouwd worden als nagenoeg perfecte game.
Gamer.nl (Jul 11, 2016)
Op het moment wordt Pokémon Go nog getergd door bugs en serverproblemen, maar daarachter schuilt een bijzondere game. Geen ander spel zal dit jaar hetzelfde gevoel overbrengen als deze nieuwe Pokémon-game.
PC Advisor (Aug 15, 2016)
Despite the safety concerns and the huge amount of criticism it has received as Niantic struggles to deal with the huge demand, Pokémon GO is deserving of real credit for getting a nation off the sofa and into the great outdoors. A repetitive, buggy, power-draining but oh-so-addictive app, don’t pick up Pokémon GO unless you’re prepared to lose a large chunk of your life to it.
Nintendo Life (Jul 18, 2016)
Niantic's game is a revelation in many ways, and the big N's imprint can also be seen throughout the experience. Nintendo's true smartphone revolution begins here.
Despite its problems, Pokémon Go is something that I’m going to be playing for a long time to come (I mean, I have to catch ’em all, right?). Go has a solid base, and if Niantic can sustain and cultivate the community and Go as a platform, it has real potential. And by that measure alone, it’s quite a success, even if it still has a lot of room left to grow.
MMORPG.com (Jul 14, 2016)
All that said, Pokémon Go is fun. It’s just a beginning, but I can’t put it down. It’s free, and what you can spend money on can also be earned in the game easily. If you’re into this sort of thing, if hunting down fake digital monsters in the real world with friends or alone sounds fun, then try it. You may be disappointed in the combat, but the real world adventures are worth the data plan overages.
Power Unlimited (Jul 12, 2016)
Pokémon GO doet een hoop dingen goed: het verzamelen van pokémon is prachtig evenals het ontmoeten van medetrainers. Helaas blijft dit nagenoeg niet heel lang leuk, want het vangen van de beestjes voelt al snel aan als een repetitief klusje en bij een battle komt weinig skill kijken. Daarom voelt Pokémon GO vooralsnog echt aan als een app en niet als een game, maar het is wel een verdomd verslavende app!
Pokémon Go isn't without its flaws, but what's there is engaging, innovative, and most importantly, fun. It's a natural extension for the franchise, and the marriage with Ingress-style systems works well enough.
But in the end, Pokemon Go’s positives outweigh its negatives, and I can really appreciate a smartphone game that’s not only fun, but makes people want to get out and exercise (especially with hatching eggs; no driving allowed).
InsideGamer (Jul 14, 2016)
Pokémon GO is wereldwijd mateloos populair, zelfs in landen waar de game officieel nog niet uit is. Dat zegt genoeg over het warme onthaal dat fans de mobiele game geven. De technische problemen en relatief oppervlakkige gameplay zouden deze app eigenlijk al de nek omgedraaid moeten hebben, maar de unieke combinatie van augmented reality en geocaching zorgt voor een sociaal avontuur dat zijn weerga niet kent. De vraag is alleen of Niantic Labs snel genoeg meer diepgang aan kan brengen om de aandacht van de enthousiaste massa vast te houden.
After years of waiting, curiously pondering what Pokémon would be like when it hit mobile, we have the answer; Titanic. Using intelligent AR, straightforward controls and that uncontrollable itch to “Catch ’em all”, Niantic have got the building blocks to something really special. To keep this momentum going fresh updates and major improvements to servers are crucial. Meanwhile, with constant freeze’s making you think Articuno is locked in your phone, many are still prevented from playing smoothly which in the long run may prove costly.
Games TM (Sep 14, 2016)
mprovements and additions over time – including the Raid-style events for catching legendary Pokémon, as teased in the original trailer – as well as ongoing tweaks to fundamental systems stand to improve Pokémon Go as a game, but the quality (and novelty) of the experience of playing, particularly as part of a group, is already there. Go could still one day be the legendary game its immense potential hints at.
t’s exciting to think of what Pokémon GO could become and if you haven’t downloaded it already, do it. It’s free, there are no ads and even people who don’t know what Pokémon are have been having a good time with it.
PCMag.com (Dec 30, 2016)
A major social phenomenon and one of the most fun AR mobile games you can play, Pokemon Go is addictive and recent updates have brought in new features and improved gameplay. It's still very much worth playing.
GameSpot (Jul 12, 2016)
If Pokemon Go’s initial public reception is anything to go by, its ability to draw players from multiple generations and varied gaming backgrounds together is a game worthy of attention. When it works, Pokemon Go feels like a natural evolution for the series, very much a product of the times without making the mainline series obsolete. Its bugs and high battery consumption do not outweigh the old-but-new thrill of capturing Pikachu at a local park or vanquishing a Snorlax while conquering a gym.
IGN (Jul 13, 2016)
Right now, Pokemon Go is an incredible, can’t-miss social experience — like Pokemon is actually real and everyone is on board — but its RPG mechanics and combat don’t have nearly enough depth to support itself in the long term. If people start to lose interest due to its lack of depth once the novelty of seeing Pokemon pop up around their everyday lives expires, the community will fall apart and the spell will be broken. What Pokemon Go needs is more features to support that real-world interaction. Things like Pokemon trading and leaderboards, which developer Niantic says are incoming, could keep that momentum up. Even if it will be short-lived, though, there’s no doubt it’s exciting to be a part of while it lasts.
New York Daily News (Jul 12, 2016)
It all adds up to a surprisingly satisfying experience, that rare gaming experience that’s suited for summer.
Time Magazine (Jul 12, 2016)
As a referendum on augmented reality—that other alt-reality tech lying in wait to leapfrog the recent wave of niche wraparound headsets—Pokémon Go is a slam dunk. But as a game, once the hunt-and-catch novelty wears thin (or the soles of your shoes do), there's not enough happening under the hood.
If the execution were clean and privacy and safety weren't concerns, this would be a brilliant game -- and certainly lots of people are having a great time playing it. Sadly, the experience has a range of poor design choices, technical issues, and security risks.
148apps (Jul 12, 2016)
I can't really say that Pokémon GOis a good game, or even that it provides quality Pokémon fan service. Despite that, people are drawn to it, and this surge of popularity is fun to be part of and observe.
The Jimquisition (Jul 13, 2016)
I don’t particularly like Pokemon Go. Nope, don’t like it. I’m not even sure I “get” it. I am, however, playing it like so many other people. There’s a compulsion to play, and it’s not actually a compelling game.

Thus we return to the notion of Pokemon Go‘s undeniable success. Despite being a pedestrian and uninspiring experience, it’s still conquered the hearts and minds of millions, and while I don’t know why, I’m still firing the thing up every time my dog goes out to take a shit, because there could be an Ekans out there.

So anyway, here’s a score I guess. One that is truthful despite not reflecting the time I’m putting into this damnable product.
4Players.de (Jul 21, 2016)
So sehr mir der Wust an technischen Fehlern und die chronisch überlasteten Server auch auf die Nerven gingen: Irgendwie hat Pokémon GO es immer wieder geschafft, meinen Sammeltrieb zu wecken und mich doch wieder zum Weiterspielen zu motivieren. Die Minispiele beim Fangen und in den Kämpfen sind im Vergleich zu klassischen Pokémon-Titeln oder Spectrobes leider reichlich simpel gestrickt. Außerdem baut das Spiel insgesamt zu sehr auf langwierige Fleißarbeit. Und doch ist es eine faszinierende Art, seine Umgebung und andere Mitspieler kennenzulernen. Danach nimmt man mit vereinten Kräften ein paar Arenen ein oder diskutiert über die neuesten Funde, Kniffe beim Leveln und lustige Momente unterwegs. Vermutlich liegt es am Reiz des Neuen – weil noch kein anderes Spiel ein Erlebnis in dieser Form bieten konnte.
The Guardian (Jul 14, 2016)
The world has been turned into a Pokémon menagerie, but the game is not without problems. The real fun comes from going outside to explore.
EmpireOnline.com (Jul 14, 2016)
If any other game launched with as many problems as Pokémon GO has, players would be outraged, and legitimately so. It's only because of the genuinely wonderful community aspect that it's as beloved as it is. Hopefully, Niantic will address its many problems, and soon. If they can, Pokémon GO as a game will be worth the full five stars it merits as a social experience. Until then, it absolutely doesn't.
Destructoid (Jul 12, 2016)
So we've got a game that I don't enjoy from any angle (which sucks), but it's also dominating the cultural conversation right now (which is great). I'm torn on this one, honestly! See, I don't recommend Pokémon Go the video game. But I can't get enough of Pokémon Go the cultural artifact. It's a Videodrome-esque obsession, and I'm very disappointed in how excited I am to play my part.
Softonic (Jul 18, 2016)
One could complain about how dangerous the app is becoming, or how the Niantic company is able to gain access to a great deal of your personal information, but one has to admit that collecting the Pokemon Go characters is oddly satisfying.
Tweakers.net (Jul 16, 2016)
Als ontwikkelaar Niantic dergelijke verbeteringen in weet te bouwen, zien we Pokémon Go nog lang populair blijven. Zo niet, dan vrezen we dat de hype snel over is en er alleen een kleine maar fanatieke groep spelers met veel vrije tijd overblijft.
GamersNET (2016)
Pokémon GO is een hype en wat ons betreft terecht. Natuurlijk is er nog veel meer mogelijk met de game, maar zelden is er een app geweest die zoveel mensen aan het bewegen heeft gekregen. Het zoeken van Pokémon is niet alleen goed voor de conditie, maar ook nog eens een zeer sociale bezigheid. Mensen komen samen, mensen bewegen, Pokémon GO is daarmee een game geworden die breekt met clichés en leuk is voor jong en oud. Het verdienmodel van de game is zoals we die kennen uit games als Candy Crush en slechts tijdversnellend. Iedereen kan Pokémon GO spelen en voor miljoenen mensen is de app inmiddels belangrijker dan Tinder en Twitter. Volgens ons is dat helemaal terecht.

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