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Pokémon GO Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Christmas 2016 loading screen
New Year's Eve 2016 loading screen
Catching your first Pokémon.
A typical gym battle.
Visiting a Pokéstop will give you free items!
Examining a caught Rhyhorn.
Sometimes, rare Pokémon such as this Blastoise can appear.
Got him!
New Pokémon species you catch are registered in this screen.
An egg hatches...
It's a Vulpix!
Pikachu and Raichu wear Santa hats during the Christmas event.
Getting a medal.
Evolving my Charmander...
...into Charmeleon!
Ditto is finally obtainable!
A lot of Magnemites to catch here.
This is the profile screen with my buddy in the background.
The latest update adds more than 80 new Pokémon from the Johto region. (German version)
New berries
New kind of festive hat
A Pokémon can hatch from three different types of eggs.
The Poliwag will most likely spawn near water locations.
Here's Mr. Mime, the European exclusive Pokémon. Pantimos is his name in the German version.
There are three types of balls. This black and yellow Ultra Ball has the highest capture rate.
An undiscovered Pokémon is near!
You'll have to catch a lot of these Magikarps. 400 candy is required to evolve into Gyarados.
This one is hovering over the Autobahn.
The Pokédex
Ledian is a flying bug type Pokemon from the Johto region.
Multiple PokéStops with active lure modules. This item attracts wild Pokémon to a PokéStop for 30 minutes.
Every gym has capacity for ten different trainers' Pokémon.
Selecting a PokéBall.
For each Pokémon you have stationed at a gym, you will earn 500 Stardust and 10 PokéCoins.
Nice! Got eight items and 100 XP from one PokéStop.
Bellsprout, a grass/poison type Pokémon.
Journal entries
Berries are food, that help with catching Pokémon.
Using a dragon scale to evolve Seadra into Kingdra.
I hope I have enough PokéBalls in my inventory...
Eevee's evolutions are usually randomly triggered, unless you use a trick.
Your buddy will find a candy after 5 kilometers.
Using the tracker to find the unknown Pokémon.
Getting a nice XP bonus for a seven day catch streak.
Gym battle with AR activated.
Visiting the shop. Let's buy some lucky eggs while they are discounted.
Wow, now there's a rare one!
The raid battle is a game mode where trainers work together to defeat an extremely powerful Pokémon.
Rhydon, a tier 4 raid boss. A minimum of five or six trainers are required, it's impossible to beat him solo.
Nineteen trainers are fighting Groudon, a legendary raid boss.
Version 1.67.2 - Trainers can complete a Field and Special Research to earn rewards like unique items and legendary Pokémon encounters.
Version 1.77.1 - This is the recently added friend menu where trainers can send gifts and trade Pokémon.
Version 1.77.1 - Just received a gift from a friend. These boxes contain useful items like Pokéballs, potions, berries and the special 7km egg.
Version 1.77.1 - Increase your friendship level with another trainer to unlock the following benefits.
Version 1.91.1 - This is Turtwig, one of 107 new Pokémon from the Sinnoh region.
Version 1.93.1 - With the Adventure Sync feature enabled, trainers will now be able to track their steps while the game is offline. Additional rewards are unlocked for reaching certain milestones.
Version 1.99.1 - Trainers can do practice battles against the team leaders Spark, Candela or Blanche.
Version 1.99.1 - Electivire versus Dragonite
Version 1.99.1 - You can deploy a shield to block incoming charge attacks.
Version 1.117.0 - A new appraisal tool is available with this update.