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Real Racing Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Firemint logo screen
Vroom Vroom!
Part of the intro FMV
In case you forgot what the game is, it's Real Racing!
Main Menu
A host of tournaments in career mode to choose from, each with three classes.
Every track has its own style, be it long straights or tight turns.
The cars to choose from are based on the real thing.
Getting ready to start.
Every race ends with a detailed breakdown of how well you went, compared to everyone else.
Each car has a different styled interior, not just the wheel, but where the stats are displayed.
The tracks themselves also feature a style of in game advertising.
Green means go!
Unlock new cars as you go.
Entering the tunnel zone.
A breakdown of some of the achievements in the game.
A full rap of statistics at your fingertips ... literally.
Just one type of control method in the game, the others being touch to steer for example.
A subtle reminder of Firemint's other success story.
Off the beaten track.
A win, and an achievement too!