Riven: The Sequel to Myst Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Splash screen.
Introduction sequence.
Riven logo.
A guard wants your book.
The start of the game.
Riven's options.
Atrus's journal.
A mysterious telescope.
Shake your device to show all hotspots at any given location.
The gate room.
A depiction of Gehn.
Inside the golden dome.
Many switches and buttons don't show animations while moving positions or being pressed, unlike other versions. They simply jump from one frame to the other, like in Myst.
A small pathway.
A strange device.
The Mag Car arrives.
Along with the intro, rides between islands are the only movies shown at 15 frames per second. All others are shown at 7.50 or even less, meaning they appear less smooth.
Extraordinary animal life is commonplace in Riven.
Inside the jungle.
A totem for one fearsome creature.
The moiety village.
Inside a submarine.
Riding in a mine cart.
A bridge to the middle of the lake.
A small icon appears in the top right corner when a tap is made, at a time when they, temporarily, cannot be accepted.
A dark tunnel.
Zooming is achieved by moving two fingers apart on the screen.
Another Mag Car station.
Someone doesn't want to see me!