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80 (Mar 15, 2011)
Despite these flaws, Shining Force is still a good game today as it was back in the 16-bit era. And since Sega slashed the price for the game down to seventy-nine cents in the App store, you’ll be hard pressed to find another game with the same depth and longtime value this one has. Even though I’m a bit disappointed about the lack of effort, I’d still highly recommend getting the game. It’s translated better than the more action-oriented titles still offers rich and detailed gameplay, and it remains a “shining” example of the old 16-bit era games.
Games Finder (Mar 15, 2015)
If you weren’t around to experience Shining Force during its original release the new PC and iOS port now presents the perfect opportunity to experience this classic.
RPGFan (Jan 12, 2011)
Some games just do not age well, and Shining Force is one of those games. In essence, Sega had three options: to port a nearly 20-year old game to the console, to port an improved re-made version (2004's Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon), or to develop a new remake of the game that takes advantage of the iOS platform. Unfortunately, the first option, being the easiest, is the one that Sega went with, and the end result is a disappointing, lazy port that is tough to control and lacks compared with today's SRPG offerings. It doesn't have the difficulty of a Fire Emblem, the story of a Final Fantasy Tactics, the over-the-top craziness of a Disgaea, or the complexity and verve of an Ogre game. Today, Shining Force is a game without differentiators, when released today it flounders in the middle of the pack of SRPGs. And without a remake, reboot, or at least a better control scheme, there are plenty of better, more fun options for games on the iOS device.