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Soldier Vs Aliens Credits (iPhone)

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Soldier Vs Aliens Credits

BulkyPix Team

PresidentOlivier Pierre
COOVincent Dondaine
Production ManagerElodie Martinaud
Project ManagerSimon Diguet
Technical DirectorFrédéric Lemaitre
ProgrammersGrégory Schnell, Fabien Cocheteux
Graphical DirectorFrédéric Paris (Frederic Paris)
Graphic DesignerBruno Tesse, Séverine Dumagny, Elsa Tharel, Jayson Houdet
Senior Game and Level DesignerCyril Tourtzevitch (Cyril Tourtzevich)
Product ManagerThomas Nicolet
Sound DesignersGuillaume Lebrasseur, Nicolas Signat
Special ThanksLoïc Leroux, Lorène Brocourt, Anthony Willemot

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (128565)