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Soul Trapper: Episode 1 - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free! Credits

39 people (30 developers, 9 thanks)


Written byF. J. Lennon
Directed byDavid Warhol
Produced byDavid Warhol
Audio DesignW. Gregory Turner
Audio DirectionW. Gregory Turner
Audio EngineeringW. Gregory Turner
Audio ProductionW. Gregory Turner
Audio Game Sequences Designed byF. J. Lennon, David Warhol, Glenn Storm
Developed byRealtime Associates
Production ControlCheryl Higa
Game EngineSteve Winston
ScriptingSteve Winston
Art DirectionJeff Cook
Art ProductionJeff Cook
Additional Art SupportConnie Goldman
Additional Design SupportGlenn Storm
Additional Programming SupportHitz Huang
TestersRomeo Flores, Tavarus Ellison
Web DesignChris Weeks
Web SupportChris Weeks
Music, sound and voice recorded and mixed atTurner Media Works Studios
Voice Performances byPeter Doyle, Steven M. Kramer, Mona Marshall, Michael Sorich, Doug Stone, Karen Strassman, Tom Waldman
Additional Voices byGreg Turner, Michael Turner
Orignal Score Composed and Performed byW. Gregory Turner, Hairy Tea Music BMI
Location RecordingChris Sahakains
Additional Sound Design byChris Sahakains
Voice and Sound Editorial byLaura Sparks, Chris Sahakains, Michael Turner
Script WranglerLaura Sparks
Publicity byReverb Communications
Vice President of Business DevelopmentDoug Kennedy
Vice President of Public RelationsTracie Snitker
Public Relations ManagerBrandon Price
Special ThanksAndy Hess, Apple Inc, Bob Bates, Brian Moriarty, Dave Camp, Dave Howell, Avatron Software Inc, Paul Kohler, Steve Eric Meretzky

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Credits for this game were contributed by SuperApe (35)