Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Doctor Octopus, via the pre-game FMV.
Title Screen.
Main Menu
Daily Bugle headlines appear between levels.
Spider-Man and his many jokes.
Ultimate Spider-Man in all his close-up glory.
The results screen.
Spider-Man gobbles up all the headlines.
Checking out the view.
Landing like a spider.
The cops fill out the details.
The controls are simple enough, one button for jump, attack and web.
Hit it more than once for combos.
Most are easy to find, but there's hidden ones too.
Rescue is as easy as tapping on a small icon.
No need to direct the swing, just line it up.
Move the blue icon to dodge attacks or avoid pitfalls.
Fill up the red meter to unleash a more powerful attack.
You can slide down power lines.
Find hidden icons to unlock collectable items.
Sand-Man, one of many enemy characters.
Find water to take him down.
Spend those red orbs on upgrading your stats.
One of the many Ultimate Spidey covers to unlock and show off.