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Star Trek: Rivals Credits

34 people

Elephant Mouse LLC

CEODane Baker
Executive ProducerDane Baker
ProducerHeather Maxwell Chandler
VP Game DesignMatthew Shetler (credited as Matt Shetler)
Senior Game DesignerThomas Kastner
VP EngineeeringDavid Hamm
Server EngineerDavid Hinson
Client EngineerBrian Sowers
Art DirectorRhys Harwell
UI Concept and DesignCreative Mints
UI IconsJ. J. Ying
FontsJohan Aakerlund
Sound DesignJack Menhorn
LocalizationLeonardo De Giacomi, Bruno Fonseca, Fuminori Owara, Vittorio Papetti, Mariam Shahd, Walt Wyman, Bai Xue
QA LeadJack Menhorn
Quality AssuranceJosh Coldiron, Bradford Ingersoll, Michael Kotey, Jon Schweitzer, Harold Sipe
Community ManagerDavid Lee
Build on the Sparrow Framework

The Light Works

Starship Card Art SupervisorTobias J. Richter
Starship Card Art ArtistsJennifer Marx, Enrico Weinert


App IconMatt Zeilinger

CBS Interactive

SVP Digital PlatformsRobert S. Gelick
GM Digital PlatformsRobert S. Gelick
Director, GamesErika Winterholler
Producer, GamesClayton Stone
Manager, GamesBrittany Sherman

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Credits for this game were contributed by MrMamen (11756)

antstream tournament