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Trism Credits

39 people (28 developers, 11 thanks)


DesignSteve Demeter
CodeSteve Demeter
ArtSteve Demeter, Edmundo Muyco
Additional Game DesignRobert Soares
Level DesignRobert Soares
Special ThanksPatrick McCaron, Raul Lucha, Sanjay Gupta, David Bourne, Vlad Pelvitski, brassman77, Erica Sadun, Frank Martinez Jr., Jeb Havens, Charlie Clevelard, Simon Carless
Supertrism RockstarsKevin Wallace, Dustin Gay, Romuald Dufaux, A. Lazaro, Rewt, Austin Archibald, Jacob Meinecke, Fulvio S. Cusumano, Michael Kontaxis, Pavel Davydov, Josue I. Fernandez
Beta Testersstrategery, kamikaze28, andreas, pmartinez527, mustaphou, kevin, hankydysplasia, boombox2003, jhg, atomic, robert, iamseven, biorhythmist, timfairbanks

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