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Description on the AppStore:
    A virtual reality roller-coaster race into oblivion. Use tilt and touch to steer and boost your ship down the Vektrax! Avoid enemies, power-up your weapons and destroy the bosses in this all action 3D shooter. You'll need lightning fast reactions and nerves of steel to make it onto the leader board.

    The secrets to mastering Vektrax:

    * Shoot enemies to gain booster fuel

    * Max out your fuel once to upgrade your weaponry to the deadly 4-way cannons

    * Use your boosters! The distance to each checkpoint constantly increases so use up that fuel when you have it. Any extra fuel earned when you're maxed out is simply wasted - be eco-friendly and burn it

    * Destroy a boss to gain 2 seconds on your timer

    * Damaged shield gets repaired when you cross a checkpoint

    * Play your own iPod tracks in the background whilst the game is running!

    * Do you think the game's too easy? Try getting to level 30 in hard mode!

    Contributed by Kic'N (4342) on Dec 13, 2008.