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MMOhut (Jun 06, 2016)
Road to Survival is a game that is accessible to both fans and to those who are just looking to have a decent sim-strat title in a zombie setting. It provides a bit more berth in the whole TWD narrative and can be seen as either a standalone or alternate story for the series. On the other hand if you’re someone who’s just looking for a well made sim-strat game, Road to Survival is a title that can appease even the most critical of gamers out there.
As with most free-to-play games, advancing is faster and easier if you spend some money, but The Walking Dead: Road to Survival gives you more free gameplay than some. Granted, the in-game chat window is a pointless (and obscenity-filled) distraction, and it would be nice if collecting resources wasn't such an outright pain in the rump. (Scopely must recognize the latter; hence their inclusion of the auto-play button.) On the upside, the various game modes give you plenty of ways to test your apocalyptic mettle: Story Mode, Factions (join forces with other players in World at War events), Raids, (raid other players' bases for reputation and reward), Road Map events, and Survival Road tournaments. All this makes the app well worth downloading if you're over 17, and its hair-raising, strategic combat and complex moral dilemmas make it more than just another zombie-killing gore-fest.
68 (Sep 03, 2015)
Lasciate ogni speranza, o voi che entrate confidando che The Walking Dead: Road to Survival possa rivoluzionare un settore super inflazionato come quello dei giochi di base building: il prodotto realizzato da Scopely segue fedelmente il canovaccio imbastito da Clash of Clans e compagnia bella (compresa l'onnipresenza delle microtransazioni), offrendo qualcosa di più sotto il profilo del combattimento vero e proprio ma senza quel guizzo capace di farlo spiccare nel panorama di un genere oramai affollato oltre ogni misura.
148apps (Sep 01, 2015)
That’s the overall issue with The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. It feels a lot like busywork, and not the kind that lures you into wanting to keep on playing. It looks suitably moody and the storyline might entice fans looking for more, but the game itself is lacking the all important ‘wow’ factor.
55 (Sep 04, 2015)
Si le background du comics est plutôt bien utilisé pour mettre en scène l’histoire, le résultat final est loin d’être probant. Gameplay molasson n’impliquant que peu le joueur, interface confuse et peu ergonomique, paywall trop présent, bref, tout pousse le joueur à s’ennuyer ferme au-delà de quelques minutes de jeu d’affilée. Et c’est dommage, car le mélange de gestion du camp de base (un peu trop proche des Farmville-like certes) et de tactical RPG light aurait pu être sympathique, surtout lorsque la narration nous propose quelques choix cornéliens qui changent la tournure des événements. Malheureusement, la trop grande dépendance aux ressources du jeu qui se rechargent avec une lenteur incroyable, ainsi que les pics de difficulté soudain lors des missions (une manière comme une autre de pousser le joueur à passer à la caisse) viennent gâcher une expérience qui aurait pu par ailleurs être plaisante. Dommage.