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Wild West Quest 2 Credits (iPhone)

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Wild West Quest 2 Credits


ProducersAlex Jamieson, Tim Whitehurst
ProgrammingBob Anderson, Daniel Brauer, Mike Desaro, Troy Elfman, Sander Homan, Alex Jamieson, Andrew Shouldice, Gabriel Sibley, Cody Webb, Tim Whitehurst
ArtworkErika Gardner, Alex Jamieson, Quincy McCormack, Billy Sanchez, Steven Schafer, Tim Whitehurst
MusicGayle Ellett, Pierre Gerwig Langer, Dan Phillipson, Jeremy Sherman
SoundBjørn A. Lynne (Bjorn Lynne), Jarrod Malek
VoicesMichelle Rojas
BizBill Wallace
Special ThanksPrime31, Silverback Games, Shockwave‑Sound, Willie Stevenson
Built with theSilverbuild Game System
ClipartCopyright © 2009 JupiterImages Corp.
Stock PhotosCopyright © 2009 iStock International Inc.

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