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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:
    Zelle is a occult adventure game.
    You can explore the inside and outside of the castle using adventure game mechanics and battle demons with strategic mouse clicks.
    Your goal in this game is to bring the protagonist home.


    Explore the world of Zelle as the protagonist, Emerada, a boy who’s been confined to his room in an old castle by a Reaper.
    He makes a daring escape attempt to return home to his nearby village, but the castle is deep within a forest that’s haunted by demons.
    The Goddess grants him the power to repel the demons, but he must face many trials before winning his freedom.
    A Reaper wearing a strange mask, a moon-faced man, a little boy who loves to dance...
    The truth gradually comes to light as his lost memories return.
    This is but one night in the story of a little boy’s life.


    ・An adventure game that interlaces map exploration with heart-pounding battles against demons.

    ・Fervent battles won through well-timed mouse clicks.

    ・Shifts between a first-person perspective and a JRPG-like top-down view

    ・Meet and part with mysterious and comical characters.

    ・The story of a magical night which will leave you feeling as though you've been dreaming.


    ・Some scenes contain gore.

    ・Parts of the game may be somewhat disturbing. Please proceed with caution.


    ・You need a keyboard and mouse to play this game.

    ・Game saves automatically.

    Contributed by Ms. Tea (42825) on Oct 05, 2019.