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Touch Arcade (Mar 17, 2010)
ZombieSmash has evidently received a lot of love from the developers, who have attempted to liven up the stale flicking gameplay that comes with most castle defense games. As a result, ZombieSmash really does stand head and shoulders above its competition.
TouchGen (Apr 27, 2010)
At $0.99 ZombieSmash offers a lot of fun for your money. With funny animations, sounds and weapons the game excels in sheer bloodsoaked mayhem. If you are a fan of flinging beings to their death you should definitely pick this one up. It works as both a casual flinger, and a hardcore to the teeth survival game. Hahaha, if I were to become zombiefied I would definitely want to spend my last moments flying through the air in ZombieSmash.
82 (Apr 07, 2010)
Un altro gioco sugli zombie, un altro ottimo tower defense. L'offerta di videogame su App Store sta diventando forse un po' monotematica, ma sarebbe assurdo preoccuparsi di questi aspetti quando vengono pubblicati gioiellini come Zombie Smash!. Il prodotto di Gamedoctors vanta una struttura "survival" solo all'apparenza, perché la partita non è mai singola, gli stage sono molto ben differenziati dal punto di vista ludico e il sistema di potenziamento delle armi aggiunge un grande spessore all'esperienza. Sollevare zombie e schiantarli a terra di per sé è un'operazione che tende a diventare ripetitiva, ma che appunto si alterna a tante altre manovre che possiamo effettuare per eliminare i nemici. A livello tecnico, poi, è tutto molto bello: grafica cartoonesca, sonoro azzeccato e un sistema di controllo preciso, il tutto venduto a 1,59 euro. Da comprare al volo.
148apps (Apr 27, 2010)
It’s hard to not appreciate the overall quality that Zombie Smash provides, but at the same time, it is hard for me to come out and say that this is a must have game. If the flick castle defense genre doesn’t interest you, I wouldn’t really bother with this one. While it does offer more than any other game in the genre, it doesn’t do anything that is so special that you will change your opinion. On the other hand, if flick castle defense is your thing, this one should be on your iPhone in the next 10 minutes. Being only a dollar, I would recommend picking this one up for sure, and if you don’t enjoy it, just know that you are supporting a good developer on their future endeavors (hopefully a good tower defense app).
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 17, 2010)
A well-rounded castle defence riff that livens up the formula with undead physics fun.
80 (UK) (Apr 02, 2010)
Failure is all part of the fun, mind, and such is the bite-sized nature of this "survival comedy", it never feels like a chore to start over - far from it. With its demented twist on tower defence, ZombieSmash is not only a quite brilliant timesink, but a sure-fire way of getting a train carriage all to yourself. Bargain.
Le look très cartoon du jeu fait merveille. Même remarque pour l’ambiance musicale, un brin angoissante, mais surtout très entraînante. Au final, ce Zombie Smash ! ne nous laisse qu’un seul regret : il n’y a qu’un seul décor de jeu. L’action prend place la nuit qui plus est : on aurait aimé avoir un peu plus de variété à ce niveau. Mais pour le reste, nous avons là un excellent défouloir !
GamersGlobal (Apr 04, 2010)
Innovative Kämpfe und tolle Animationen machen Zombie Smash zu einem der bislang besten Spiele für das iPhone. Vor allem die Jagd nach immer besserer Ausrüstung wird euch motivieren. Die Steuerung funktioniert bis auf wenige Ausnahmen sehr gut. Leider ist der Wiederspielwert äußerst gering, da die übrigen Spielmodi abseits der Kampagne schnell öde werden und ein Multiplayer-Modus leider nicht vorhanden ist. Für passionierte iPhone-Spieler ist Zombie Smash aber dennoch mehr als nur einen Blick wert.
Slide to Play (Mar 17, 2010)
Zombie games and Knights Onrush imitators are plentiful, but this is a fun combination of both.
The A.V. Club (Mar 29, 2010)
ZombieSmash is yet another entry in the castle-defense category, which is in danger of becoming the most irritating new genre since the advent of mini-game collections. The problem with castle defense is that the games always devolve into high-speed finger-swiping chaos, which is exactly what happens here. After a couple of well-paced opening levels, the difficulty level ramps up quickly. Zombies begin attacking from the left and right side of the screen. So much finger-swiping takes place that bystanders will think you're attempting to scratch a hole clear through your iPhone. The final outrage: The developers have the nerve to encourage gamers to use both thumbs to perform those dual swipes. Hold your thumbs in front of you, pretend you're swiping upward over and over again, and you'll have a sense of how well this actually works…