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    Global industrialisation has taken its toll. Much of the earth's surface is crammed with cities and wastelands. And powerful corporations, such as PENTA, are using military force to take over democratic governments in order to create a worldwide military dictatorship. The planet faces crisis point as PENTA forces increase their reign of terror, and it rests on you to protect the fate of the populace┬┐

    Iron Soldier 3 puts you in command of the United Republic troops rounded up to battle against PENTA. You can carry a wide variety of weapons, including a 42-foot tall robot known as 'Iron Soldier', negotiate rough, urban terrain, and engage in close combat within the claustrophobic confines of dense industrial complexes. In fact, this game offers an invitation to destroy everything in your path.

    With 25 single player missions and arcade modes featured, and a variety of fully textured and mapped environments in which to do battle, Iron Soldier is one mission where everything is at stake. Can you come good?

    Contributed by Xoleras (66795) on Dec 08, 2004.