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Alice in Bomberland Credits (J2ME)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Alice in Bomberland Credits

Development Team

Lead ProgrammerChris DeLeon
Add. ProgrammingJohn Nesky
Graphic DesignerMark Meyers, David Hellman, Allen Song, John Nesky, Aaron Meyers
Game DesignerChris DeLeon
Sound DesignerJoe Pfeil
Voice ActingJessie Hiller
Game TestersEuwyn Poon, Sarah York
Music byKevin MacLeod (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)
Special Thanks toSarah York

Mr. Goodliving

ProducerNiko Leskinen
Lead ProgrammerMikko Uromo
Additional GraphicsJukka Rajaniemi


Project ManagerJarno Lyytinen
Game Test ManagerLoredana Lacatus
Game TestersSini Eloranta, Arnie Garcia, Janne Immonen, Jaakko Kahima, Panu Olavi Peltola, Brooks Pentheny
ProgrammerErnest Cho
Post Production SpecialistsJorma Finska, Sampo Hiljanen, Jaakko Lehikoinen, Keith Melton

Sonic Boom

ProducerJames J. Seetal
Game TestersRichard Depping, Phil Limitone, Javier Picon, Oscar Smith, Steven Wong, Chun Cheung
Submission SpecialistJohnny McNair
Web ServicesJeff Zinn
Account ManagerMaria Giatrakis
Creative DirectorMatthew McEnerney
QA DirectorMatthew Manolovits
CEODavid J.P. Danon
COOJosh Grant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (229532)