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Avalanche Snowboarding Credits

56 people


Executive ProducerClément Dufresne
ProducersJuan Serrano, Yao Yan Ming
Studio ManagersFrançois Bodson, Hou Da Cheng
Design DirectorsStanislas Dewavrin, Matthieu Gosnet
Game DesignChristian Hagedorn, Arnaud Ragot, Wang Jiao, Chen Yue, Ding Yin Bo
ProgrammingAlejandro André, Alejandro Weichandt, Sebastian Lucas, Laurent Herledan, Lu Ming, Zhang Zhen Xing, Wu Lei, Qi Yong Yi, Zhang Wen Wen
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Lead ArtistTsune Toda
GraphicsFederico Costas, Ariel Wagner, Kang Zhuang, Sun Ting Xuan, Ren Fei Long
3D ArtistsPablo Navarrete, Zhang Wen
Character DesignArnaud Simon-Laforest
Sound DirectorMathieu Vachon
Lead Sound DesignerArnaud Galand
Sound DesignerAlexis Charrier
Localisation ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
Localisation CoordinatorsAlicia Buffa, Fred Leung
LocalisationMariko McDonald, Kasper Hartman, Owen Weiss, Timothy LeClair
Text TeamShi Qi
QA ManagerGao Wei
QA LeadXu Liang
Quality AssuranceZong Ting, Huang Xin Quan, Xie Ting Ting, Li Jie, Li Da Peng, Wang Jin, Yu Zhou, Zhang Jing
Audio QA ManagerUlrich Frantz
Audio TestersGabriel Vinazza, Maria Colona, Nicolas Trovato

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (255351)