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Block Breaker Holidays Credits (J2ME)

Block Breaker Holidays J2ME Title screen


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Block Breaker Holidays Credits

Original Team

Executive ProducerFreddy Bellon, Dan Teodorescu
ProgrammingRazvan Jurcă, Răzvan Radu, Silviu Barad, Lucian Stanciu
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
GraphicsChhuy-Ing IA, Laura Alecu, Etienne Périn
Sound DesignRomain Gauthier, Philippe Arsenault, Mathieu Vachon
Game DesignDan Teodorescu, Cristian Soare
Project ManagersChristelle Leroux, Fleur Marty
QA ManagerJean-Sébastien Goulet
QA LeadsCostel Apopii, Maximilian Corbu
Quality AssuranceMarian Oprea, Nicolae Jan Sercaianu

Porting Team

Studio ManagerPaul Friciu
Executive ProducerChristelle Leroux, Nabil Ait M'Barek
ProducerViorel Cristea
ProgrammingElina Zheleva
GraphicsNguyen Kim Thanh, Vu Quang Thanh
QA ManagerJean-Sébastien Goulet
QA LeadCostel Apopii
Quality AssuranceBogdan Stefan Plesa, Catalin Marin, Cristian Cavrila, Laurentiu Leontescu, Marius-Andrei Florea, Marius Damian Rotaru, Bogdan Alexandru Titu

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (224038)