Advertising Blurbs (developer's product page):

    Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder.

    You are a soldier in a paratrooper squad who must successfully overcome all of the obstacles, from the chaotic beaches of the landing to the African desert where the menacing regiments of the Afrikacorps wait for you with determination.
    During your mission, you will need to protect a doctor, destroy a bunker, and hold positions-indefensible at best. Not only that-enemy bombings can suddenly strike at any moment. In short, you won't have a minute to rest!
    To fight the various types of enemies (Panzers, over-equipped Wehrmacht soldiers, etc.) throughout the 7 different missions, you'll have a veritable arsenal at your disposal: rifles, submachine guns, grenades, a flame-thrower, and even an assault tank-not to mention the freedom to do whatever you want!
    Brother In Arms: Earned In Bloods™ allows you to dive right into the intensity of the most gruesome battles of WWII, from Omaha Beach to the African Desert, with never-before-seen realism. The battle atmosphere is authentic with shots coming from everywhere (soldiers, cannons, aircraft, mines) and military tactics reenacted in detail. Inspired by historical events, Brother In Arms: Earned In Bloods™ gives players thrills worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.
    • The mobile version of the hit game for consoles and PC!!!

    • Variety of weapons, environments and enemies never before matched on mobile!

    • Pick-up-and-play system for immediate gaming fun.

    • The first good WWII shooter for mobile, cinematic experience worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

    Contributed by Sciere (507798) on Jul 28, 2006.