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Cyberpunk: The Arasaka's Plot Credits

15 people (12 developers, 3 thanks)


Produced and designed byMayhem Studio
Original IdeaJorge Calleja (SkyNet)
Executive ProducersJorge Calleja (SkyNet), Daniel Sánchez (Stranded)
StoryDaniel Sánchez (Stranded)
Graphics LeadsGonzalo Burgos (Rompecabras)
GraphicsGonzalo Burgos (Rompecabras), David Manteca Sellés (Drako)
Movies AnimationDaniel Gete
Lead ProgrammerJorge Calleja (SkyNet)
Programming of enemies, movies and consoleAngel Rodriguez (Machinel)
Levels DesignerGonzalo Burgos (Rompecabras), Jorge Calleja (SkyNet)
Sound FX & MusicPerrote Produce
SupportMiguel Agüero (Uriel)
AdaptationsJorge Calleja (SkyNet), Miguel Agüero (Uriel)
Graphics AdaptationsJuan Pablo González (Pin), Elvis Pedro Nsue (Atila)
Text RevisionMike Pondsmith
Thanks toMike Pondsmith, Lisa Pondsmith, for their trust in us and help in all we needed

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