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    Лучшая логическая игра на Sony PSP — Lumines — пришла на мобильные телефоны. Стильный хит, гениальное переосмысление Тетриса включает в себя забойные музыкальные треки от известных ди-джеев Andy Hunter и Mondo Grosso. Увлекает с первых же секунд!

    Геймплей игры трудно описать словами, лучше попробовать самому. Если сказать, что блоки разной формы (как в Тетрисе) надо бросать под музыку – это будет слишком упрощенно. Даже если добавить, что упавшие блоки движутся слева направо, а игровое поле по виду и функциям напоминает маленький музыкальный редактор для создания миксов – это будет слишком запутанно. Но если вы начнете играть, все станет понятно интуитивно. Lumines принес революцию в мир активных головоломок, как Тетрис и Зума в свое время!

    Мобильная версия Lumines предлагает все режимы игры, как и на Sony PSP. Можно менять внешнее оформление (скины) и настраивать музыку на свой вкус: хаус, техно, регги, электроника и другие. Попробуй открыть новые скины и новые типы блоков во время прохождения!

    Contributed by java games (13) on Oct 08, 2018. (developer's product page):

    Warning: Falling blocks and dangerously hot music beats!

    Check out this stylish puzzle game and get hooked in no time! Customize your game with the 11 wild skins available, including 8 that you’ll have to unlock. You’ll get a new animated graphic setting and a new musical mood every time. House, reggae, progressive tech, and electronica music, including tracks from famous DJs Andy Hunter and Mondo Grosso, fit in perfectly with the gameplay and make Lumines Mobile the ultimate fusion of music and puzzles!
    Once you’ve launched the game, you’ll have a choice of six different exciting modes. Start out by tackling the Arcade mode, specially created for the mobile version. Attempt to unlock new skins and new types of blocks as you advance through the 20 levels. In addition, you’ll have to be prepared to face the four bosses who will stand in your way and engage in split screen duels. You’ll also be able to access battles like these directly in the VS CPU mode.
    On top of all that, Lumines Mobile offers all the game modes that you’ll find in the PSP version. In the Challenge mode, you’ll start the game with one simple skin and try to unlock all of the others by racking up points. In the Single Skin mode, choose your favorite skin and shoot for the high score. If you don’t have much time, you can race against the clock in Time Attack mode and eliminate as many blocks as you can in the given time. Finally, the Puzzle mode will totally make you lose your mind! You’ll need to arrange squares of the same color to copy the shape drawn in the background.
    • The mobile phone version of one of the most critically acclaimed puzzle games: “One of the best reasons to own a PSP” - IGN.

    • Gameplay that is simple, original, and captivating: basic rules, cool music, and easy gameplay come together to provide more intensity, lots of game modes, and so on.

    • High-tech music provides total immersion: lose yourself in the hottest electronica tracks from Mondo Grosso and Andy Hunter.

    • New innovative features found only in the mobile phone version: new bonuses, never-before-seen shapes, a third color, and lots more!

    Features and screenshots may vary by handset.

    Contributed by Sciere (594965) on Aug 03, 2006.

Press release (29th May 2006):

    Lumines™ Mobile: "the best mobile game of E3 2006" released today in 75 countries

    Paris (France) - May 29, 2006
    Gameloft®, the leading developer and publisher of video games for mobile phones, announced the worldwide release of Lumines Mobile-the new-generation music-based puzzle game.

    Lumines Mobile is the next generation of puzzle games that will rock you to the beat of entrancing music tracks! Its totally accessible gameplay will definitely keep you in suspense for hours at a time. Clear the blocks by arranging the two-color shapes falling down the screen into solid color squares, and try to link combos together. But Lumines Mobile goes far beyond that, and its revolutionary environment, catchy musical combos (house, reggae, progressive tech, electro-including tracks by Andy Hunter and Mondo Grosso) and visual effects, make it a really explosive cocktail!

    Initially developed for the PSP™ system (PlayStation® Portable) by Q Entertainment, Lumines Mobile was readapted by Gameloft's designers for this very specific mobile format that demands short playing sessions and easy handling. It also includes innovative new features found only in the mobile version, such as new bonuses, never-before seen shapes, a third block color and more. Lumines Mobile received the full support of series producer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. "Gameloft did an excellent job to make a kind of atmosphere; a kind of chemistry (...) between the music and the visual which is new to the mobile version."

    Presented in an advance showing at the E3 Expo, the game garnered rave reviews from the trade press.

    Modojo: "The surprising new features and solid design of Gameloft's version for mobile phones really came out of nowhere and brightened my day. (...) It still looks, sounds, and feels just as smooth as the PSP original. Gameloft noted that it spent a lot of time getting that feel correct, and it shows." Best mobile game of E3 2006.

    IGN: "It's no surprise that when the best puzzle game for the PSP gets ported over to mobile, the kudos hardly wither. The neo-classic from Q Entertainment is looking shockingly solid on the smaller screen -- and even better, it retains most of the musical prowess that made the original such a megaton critical darling. Gameloft has infused the game with some exclusive mobile modes as well as new colors, which actually makes the game even more of a challenge." Best Puzzle Game - E3 2006; finalist in the category "best artistic design."

    1Up: "The greatest music based puzzler you've ever played." Nominated best mobile Game 2006 "The mobile puzzler (...) looks just as compelling as the PSP original. The block-dropping gameplay has been faithfully recreated, but just as importantly they've managed to retain the essence of the pumping music tracks that add so much to the experience." Mobile Top five at E3 2006 "better than TETRIS" - 91% The game can be purchased as of today, in 75 countries, from 150 telecom operators. Its 1,500 different versions have been adapted to match the features of every mobile telephone on the market.

    Retail price: from 3 to 5 euros.

    Contributed by Sciere (594965) on Aug 03, 2006.