Advertising Blurbs (developer's product page):

    In the darkest hours of medieval times, victory is your only option!

    Medieval Combat: Age of Glory plunges you into the heart of fantastical medieval mythology. Demons or humans, it is up to you to choose which of the five initial combatants you will side with. Two other combatants may also join in the battle to capture the armor...
    From the magnificent village to the sombre cemetery, from the immense fortified castle to the great cathedral, each fight will be the scene of an epic battle.

    This title offers perfect gameplay and favors spectacular attacks: destroy parts of your adversary's armor in order to deliver increasingly deadly blows. The more you hit your opponent, the more you increase your magic gauge, to the point where you can unleash a devastating fury!
    Seven characters with unique styles and specialized combat techniques are available. Between speed and attack force, there's a character that fits everyone's style!

    On top of all this, different game modes permit you to fight according to your preferences:
    In Arcade Mode you can choose your difficulty level and fight increasingly powerful enemies by unlocking new heroes as you go along. Instant Play allows you to choose your favorite champion as well as the adversary you would like to face! If you think you've become a real hero, try to beat as many adversaries as possible with one single life gauge in Survival Mode.
    Finally, Training Mode allows you to perfect the art of combat with a custom sparring partner to work on the hits you would like to master!
    • A fantastically captivating Medieval universe

    • Impressive visuals, spectacular combat

    • An extremely detailed game: armor, various weapons, magic, backgrounds

    • Elaborate scenery: the cathedral, the haunted cemetery, the battlefield...

    • The only real fighting game for mobile phones

    Contributed by Sciere (508291) on Aug 01, 2006.