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Rayman: Raving Rabbids TV Party Credits

51 people (49 developers, 2 thanks)


Executive ProducerArnaud Bonnard
Creative DirectorStanislas Dewavrin
Local ProducerPaul Depré
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Game DesignerChristian Hagedorn
ProgrammersMariano Rappazzo, Agustín de Cabrera, Jotape Chandias, Diego Belay, Alejandro André, Darian Fernandez
Graphic DesignersNicolás Abaca, Federico Costas, Tsune Toda, Simon Périn
Lead ProgrammerBrice Ramard
Sound DirectorMathieu Vachon
Sound DesignerDiego Zaldivar
QA ManagerXu Min
QA LeadsJavier Micchia, Liang Guang Bin
QAFacundo Romero, Belen Rey, Ignacio Pugliano, Liu Mao Sheng, Hu Yi Wei, Fang Xiao Shu, Xu Pei, Peng Hong, Zheng Xun, Wang Jing, Chen Lu, Li Jian Qiang
Localization ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
LocalizationAlicia Buffa, Fred Leung, Susan Patrick, Mariko McDonald, Kasper Hartman
Playtest GroupAndrew Corriveau, Ivaylo Gorgatchov, Michael Cioffi, Catherine Lecours, David Muraca, Carlos María Nebbia, Roberto Andriuolo, Emiliano Ramirez, Nahuel González
Studio ManagerFrançois Bodson
Special ThanksFernando Mazzon, Agustín Magnago

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Credits for this game were contributed by gamedevwannabe (403)